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Archive - October 2007

Wednesday, 24. October 2007

Review: Dream Theater - Octavarium


Boring, uncared, give another chance, loved. That's the short summary of the course of my relationship between me and the eigth Dream Theater album.

If you want to know, how the relationship ends, you have to read the rest of this review. (Smiley: smile)

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Tuesday, 23. October 2007

Print me


This blog is printable now. That means the printing version is better. Optimized printing quasi.

In the ideal case it looks like this.

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Friday, 19. October 2007



If today claims another one that the world is losing a terrific marketing copywriter on me, I will sulk the whole weekend!

Marketing… Me?!? (Smiley: offended)

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Thursday, 18. October 2007

Encrypted partitions with linux Loop-AES and GPG


Yeah, yesterday I had a real linux hacking session again. This time I wanted to store data encrypted on an external hard drive. The target was to find a way that is really comfortable without having to remind a reeeeally long password. Especially when you already have a GPG-key pair you don't have to remember another password.
This is just a quick tutorial. For a more verbose howto have a look for Loop-AES tutorial at riseup labs.

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Let there be light


A nice bauble felt out of the mostinspired feed yesterday: Moddpodd.com is changing the stylesheet depending on the day time.

Moddpodd.com bei tags

Moddpodd.com nachts

Nice idea, realised with Javascript (to get the local time of the user). Unfortunately there's no fallback, if JavaScript is turned off.

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Wednesday, 17. October 2007

Switching windows in Mac OS X


Oh dear, the switchingproblems. After finding the backslash some time ago, I'm now happy that I found the key shortcut switch between windows: Apple + <

And before the windows-party is laughing: Apple + Tab is switching between the applications in Mac OS X, not between windows. When have a lot of open windows it's more reasonable to switch between applications first, and then between the windows of this application.

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Tuesday, 16. October 2007



Because of multiple requests of a single Zeroterm (that's something I always wanted to write (Smiley: grin)) this blog has no a common commentfeed.

The URL for the english Feed is http://geeks-have-feelings-too.net/feed/comments/.
You can find the german version at http://geeks-have-feelings-too.net/feed/kommentare/

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Tuesday, 09. October 2007

Just to stick on it…


Blogging is life! (Smiley: yeah)

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Sysadmin Rockstar


Something to rock on.

And don't forget to listen to the unplugged version! (Smiley: cool)

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