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Tuesday, 11. March 2008



If you wanna talk to god, you can do that on a dedicated page.

And like every good christian, I want share my personal enlightenment with everyone:

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More Catcontent


Maybe I have to post this video, because I'm sometimes introduced as the guy with the Catvideo on the blog.


Maybe there will be some follow-ups on the corresponding Youtube channel.

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Thursday, 28. February 2008



I heard about them so often, but I adddd them just yesterday into my feedreader: The lolcats, another page you can waste much, much hours. But I laughed a lot, very very funny:

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Wednesday, 23. January 2008

Art for Geeks


Without words:
Painting of a woman, who reads a book. At the bottom right there are four big letters: RTFM.

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Monday, 14. January 2008



Beside xkcd the best webcomic for geeks out there. Todays episode features everything I like: A Mini Cooper, Star Trek and Knoppix. Check it out, it made my day.

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Saturday, 01. December 2007

Star Trek Rap


I'm Jean-Luc Picard, I'm chillin' in my yard
Underneath my chrome dome in the ship I call my home
Kickin' it with Data, my homeboy, my brotha
I wanna get freaky with Wesley Crusher's motha!

Yeah W., the music came automatically into my head, too. Give us more, man! (Smiley: smile)

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Wednesday, 21. November 2007



In the last time, catcontent seems to be in again. Zeroterms cat is having digestion problems and one of germans biggest blogs was posting this video today:


[ via Spreeblick und A minor point of view ]

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Wednesday, 22. August 2007

Something's wrong


Zeroterm: That's semantically wrong.
I: You are using Word!

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Wednesday, 09. May 2007

If Linux distributions were women: Part 2 [Update 2]


function main() { $m=new MediaObject(); $s1=$m->loadSound("fanfare.ogg"); $s2=$m->loadSound("applause.ogg"); $m->playSound($s1); sleep(1); $m->playSound($s2,"fade-in"); }

Entertainer: After the big success of “If Linux Distributions were womengrindblog.de and geeks-have-feelings-too.net present the second part of this series. Have a lot of fun during the show.

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Thursday, 03. May 2007

If Linux distributions were women [Update]


I'm proud I'm allowed to present the translationed version of the text “If Linux distributions were women“ which was originally released by Magnus Niemann.

And now let's go on.

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Tuesday, 03. April 2007

Open Link in New Tab


Foto of a washertab

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Monday, 26. March 2007

Supermarket-Shopping for Geeks


Yes, this one will be funny for only about 5% of the readers here, myself included (a moment, that means, it is just me (Smiley: wink) ), but that's really great, made my day: (Smiley: grin)


[ via Spreeblick ]

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Thursday, 08. March 2007

No idea for the world women day...


The world women day, would be great to come up something blogable. But there was no idea. Thus just a linking: Tanja fromSpreeblick made my evening with this post.

I pick up, that the 'linking to Spreeblick' is always bringing me into a respectful state. Some kind of angry...

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Tuesday, 06. February 2007

Strange Key


Statement of a customer, after he found the Fn key on his new laptop:
Oh yes, it's between Alt and stange!

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Friday, 26. January 2007

New last.fm feature: Which music do I listen to in two days


last.fm is now able to forecast the future and it's calculating the stats ahead. Obviously they are currently improving this feature, because some days ago the forecast was only for one day, that's why I thought it was just a missing timezone query. But with a difference of two days (current state of development) it's clear, that this is a feature and not a bug.

Screenshot of my music stats that shows, the generating date of 28.th january 2007

(Smiley: wink)

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Tuesday, 16. January 2007

Geek Talk


M: Oh, Tea?
P: Offtopic?
(insert some endless silence here)
P: Oh, Tee!

P: What's the name of the windows dog?
M: Hm... Don't know. Wizard

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Wednesday, 10. January 2007

Ethernet != Internet?


They wrote Internet wrong, it's with “ether” at the beginning. anonym

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Computer named after their owners


Sometimes I think it's kind of funny, when computers are named after their ownerns. It's a little bit strange when your typing some commands in the terminal:

host michael
mount.smbfs //angelique/activities /mnt/friends
dig julia
telnet dave
whois alice
ping john
wget http://joe/borrowed_dvd
scp my_best_poem.txt cecilia:/home/cecilia

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Saturday, 06. January 2007

Don't Commit Suicide by Train


Photo of a railroad sign: Active Railroad - No Trespassing; There is help: 1.800 Suicide

Found in ChipX86's photostream, there are bigger versions of this image, too.

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Friday, 17. November 2006

Drums - An Instrument everybody loves...


...not this kind of drums:

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Wednesday, 18. October 2006

What do you see by looking on this picture?


Dubios Logo

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May I introduce Steve Ballmer to you?


Recently we had a kind of “Best of Steve Ballmer”-competition in firm. Of course I don't want to keep it back for you:

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Wednesday, 04. October 2006

For the hungry webdeveloper


body { pudding-left: 10cm; } /* thanks to gorbi */

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Wednesday, 06. September 2006

Star Trek and plastic stretching


For me as a “User” of advertising, it's mostly annoying, in best case it's tolerable. There are only a few exceptions that really make me laugh, thining or something other meaningful. On the backside of the actual (german) Star Trek Magazine is an ad, that I think is really cool:

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Sunday, 03. September 2006

Job: Trekkie


Amazon List; Job of the list creator: Trekkie

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Tuesday, 29. August 2006

Whereof you recognize a Systemadministrator?


Today: The overworked sysadmin

You are an (maybe overworked) sysadmin, when you try to authenticate yourself on the companies printer with your bank identifier code.

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Wednesday, 23. August 2006

Massive Nerd Mode


<?php $status=50; $now=mktime(21,13,42,8,23,2006); $scene->set_time($now); $human->set_name="Me"; if($human->get_classification()==="geek") { do { $progress=programm_website(); if($progress===false) { $human->sleep(21600); continue; } }while($status<=100); } else { $human->do_something_relaxing(); } function programm_website() { global $human; global $status; while($status<100) { $human->programm_website(); if($human->get_status()==="hungry") { $human->change_mode("massive_nerd"); $human->eat("pizza"); continue; } elseif($human->get_status()==="tired") { $status+=0.005; continue; } elseif($human->get_status()==="really_tired") { return false; } $status+=0.01; } return true; } ?>
Damn, grease Spots on my keyboard again. Fucking Pizza...

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Thursday, 06. July 2006

How the software industry works


I found the text called “How the software industry works” some months ago and I wanted to post it in my blog later. So, here it is.

Are you asking yourself why I wanted to post this piece of text? Because it's true! Of course it's humoristic, too. But it's a really good piece of satire.

Thanks to Al Lowe, the writer of text. Perhaps the “older readers” know him as the maker of the “Leisure Suit Larry”-series. He allowed me to translate the text in german. You can find the translated version here.

Please have a look at the other stuff of Als site. It's one of the better fun sites of the Web and it includes much geek content, too!

And remember: Geeks - All they ever think of is hex!

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