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Sunday, 09. March 2008

Katie Armiger


Since I've seen Shut up and sing, I'm somehow on an absolute country-trip – and I'm not talking about the old Johnny Cash Sound. I'm talking about the more modern – others call it pop – sound, perhaps someone would call it Nu country? (Smiley: wink)

So, I found Katie Armiger while searching a bit in the cockaigne. Her first album was released last year and the four songs you can hear on here site at the abscess of the internet won't go out of my head for the last several days. Okay, the songtitles really sound like classical country stuff (which is some kind of american folk music, in my opinion), but it has much more drive and depth. I think you could compare the style with Pieces of you from Jewel or the first two Corrs albums, because all of these discs contain this young and innocent spirit, which I think, the world really needs more of. So if you really listen to the lyrics, you are not surprised when you discover that Katie is just 16 years young.

Thanks to the current dollar vs. Euro value (you took note of the capitalization, didn't you? (Smiley: wink)), I ordered the album already. When I got it and spend some time with it, I'll bring of course a detailed review of it.

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Wednesday, 05. March 2008

Something to rummage in


Yeah! I think with Jamendo I finally found the website for Creative Commons music (=free music. Free as in free beer and free speech) I was looking for a long time: Good interface, nice search options (I just miss the option to search music with special CC attributes), many artists (currently 7450 albums available) and the most titles are available in OGG format.

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Tuesday, 19. February 2008

Review: Vienna Teng - Waking Hour


The in the states living singer/songwriter/piano player Vienna Teng caught my attention, as I was searching for concertreviews of the Sarah McLachlan Show in Hamburg (Germany) 2004. As I read on this webpage something about a child of Choping and Sarah McLachlan it was absolutely clear: I had to know this music.

The songs on the webpage (attention, flash alert!) were quite good and because Miss Teng was on mini-tour in Germany, the CDs were available. This review covers her first albm Waking Hour, which does, against all my expectations, not sound like a typical first (=raw) long player.

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Monday, 18. February 2008

Dream Theater - Nightmare Cinema


Dream Theater and music videos are a special thing: There's not much coverage on the “relevant” music stations, the songs must be shrinked to fit the video, and it's a pity, that the productions are hard to find. That's why DT put up the Dream Theater Nightmare Cinema.

Currently on screen are Forsaken, Constation Motion, a mashup made during the recording sessions of The Dark Eternal Night, a trailer about the comming Pink Floyd Hommage and the legendary Octavarium animation.

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Sunday, 17. February 2008

Review: Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos


Systematic Chaos is the nineth album you can buy from the New Yorker band, by now. How the disc claims in comparement to the other, especially the, in my opinion, great predecessor called Octavarium, you can read here in this review.

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Monday, 28. January 2008

Jasmin Tabatabai now on last.fm


As I discovered the music of Jasmin Tabatabai for the first time, there was not much material you could listen to on the web. That has changed, because the first album (Only love) and the coressponding live album (Only live), which holds some of the songs from the Bandits Soundtrack too, are now available on last.fm. So if you want…

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Friday, 25. January 2008

Creativity, Creativity


I know someone, who would really love and need this piece:


More infos about it on http://backin.de/gumball/

[ via Spreeblick ]

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Friday, 18. January 2008

Take Five


Style attack:


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Monday, 03. December 2007

New Delta Goodrem Album


Great, I just missed another album release from one of my favourite artists.

Since the 19th of November you can get the third Album called “Delta”. Prelisting is available at the official Page (Attention, Flash Alarm!) and at last.fm.

Hm, to much new music is comming to me, musical overkill so to speak…

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Wednesday, 24. October 2007

Review: Dream Theater - Octavarium


Boring, uncared, give another chance, loved. That's the short summary of the course of my relationship between me and the eigth Dream Theater album.

If you want to know, how the relationship ends, you have to read the rest of this review. (Smiley: smile)

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Tuesday, 09. October 2007

Sysadmin Rockstar


Something to rock on.

And don't forget to listen to the unplugged version! (Smiley: cool)

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Tuesday, 04. September 2007

Review: Lisa Chappell - When then is now


Lisa Chappell is mostly known as actress. Her most popular role here in Germany was the Claire McLeod of the series “McLeod's Daughters”. On her first music album you can make sure, that the nice lady from New Zealand is not just a good singer, but also has a real talent in songwriting, too .

Photo of the CD cover]

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Sunday, 19. August 2007

I knew it all the time…


…ringtones have a certain rythm challenge:

Direct link

Virtually filed under: “Why didn't I had this idea?”

[Via Spreeblick]

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Sunday, 12. August 2007

Review: La Kinky Beat - One more Time – with listening examples!


Last year La Kinky Beat was the big surprise for me and even until now the CD has a special state in my CD stand. When friends notice that I'm listening to that album they often say “You listen to such a music?”. And somehow I'm still suprised, too.
But, what's so special about the music from that spanish band? After reading this review this question should be answered.

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Saturday, 21. July 2007

Do not forget…


…on the next weekend the Bardentreffen will take place!

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Wednesday, 04. April 2007

Keri Noble News: MySpace and Tour


One of my actual favorite musicians Keri Noble (according to The Californian the next Joni Mitchell!)has a MySpace Page since the beginning of april. That's inherently not a special thing, but that means, that we can hope of new song material released in the player on her page. Currently there are three songs, I didn't know before and especially “Hey Lover” is really nice! It's a bit away from the jazz piano ballads she's usually doing, but it's not mainstream. If you liked “I won't” on the first album, you have to listen to “Hey Lover”!

The second news: Keri is playing some shows in London. That's still (too) far away, but it's a good sign and means that she doesn't avoid europe like some other musicians I really want to see live (like Jewel or Dar Williams). Keri, Germany is waiting for you! (Smiley: smile)

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Tuesday, 03. April 2007

Andromeda DVD comes


Yipieeeee: According to their website Andromeda is releasing their first Live DVD “Playing off the Board” on 10th of april (european release date).

/me is looking for an ordering form...

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Wednesday, 28. March 2007

Abolish war


Musicvideo 'Say it's possible' from Terri Naomi. In this video, people are holding up signs with maximum three words that answer the question “what would you do/want if anything were possible?”. My answer is the title of this post.


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Monday, 12. March 2007

When new zealands nurses are singing in space


Very special music is recommended to me often by very special people. And there are album, that are already touching me deepy when I listen to them the first time. Both points apply to the music of Lisa Chappel (Attention, Flash Alarm!), even when she has nothing to with the only known to me Miss Chapel. On her website there's every song of her only album as example, go and listen!

Well, I have to order this album after easter. *notice*

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Sunday, 11. March 2007

Best german progressive Rock/Metal: Atmosfear [Update]


There are albums, that thrill one some time. And there are albums, that one is listening to rarely, but they find the way into the playlist even after months or years. “Inside the Atmosphere” is one of these albums. And every time I take the time to really listen to this album, I'm totally swept of my feet.

I bought the CD in my “pre-blogging-era” so there was no review here yet. But I think the guys of Atmosfear need every kind of propaganda, so I recommend everyone who even rudimentary likes progressive rock or metal to go to their website and having a look to the listening examples. And please do not overlook the “Order CD”-button. (Smiley: smile)

Update: I forgot to mention, that Atmosfear is in the studio in spring to record their second album. I'm curios, how the result will be!

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Thursday, 08. March 2007

La Kinky Beat Concert in headwords


La Kinky Beat in Hirsch in Nuremberg, Germany, on Monday, the 05th March 2007:

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Wednesday, 28. February 2007

Feed for the ear


I found a song on the website of Keri Noble that persists insinde my head and my player is going to play it more often in the next time. *buzzing* Very nice... Anyone else who likes “Watch me walk”, too?

And BTW: The media folder has an active directory listing and there's no index file in the folder... *whistling* (Smiley: Angel)

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Review: Andromeda - Chimera


It has been a long time, since the last post in this category. The third Andromeda album “Chimera”, which I bouhgt after the concert, wasn't completely innocent on this. It's a typical progressiv metal album, and that means, that you'll need some time to feel comfortable with it. At this time this statement is mor true than usual. At first I had some problems with the nine tracks. But in the meantime, I'm happy, that I took this album in my player over and over, because now I have to say, that this album is one of the best I've heard in the last months.

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Thursday, 25. January 2007



...why have I jilt that album for so long?

Ok, one more time... *startingCDforthethirdtimeinseries*

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Friday, 27. October 2006

Now I need...


...loud, dramatic, classical music.
No good sign...

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Wednesday, 27. September 2006

Highly expected: New Holly McNarland Album


Unfortunatelly the Page of Holly McNarland isn't yet online, but everyone who wants to hear a really good rocking song from her should go on the player and listen to “Dear Pain”. I think it's really on the same level as “Numb” and “Elmo” are.

And everybody who's waiting for her new album “Chin up, Buttercup” has still to wait some time. It will be released not until 2007. In the meantime there's a “online only-Mini-Album” (6 songs) called “The Komrade Sessions”. If you want to listen to some of the songs you can do this on Hollys MySpace page.

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Monday, 18. September 2006

Concertreview: Andromeda in Aschaffenburg


On Wednesday evening I took the (quite) rare chance and I was watching Andromeda live. I coincidental stumbled on their website again and I was surprised, that they have released their third album “Chimera” three month ago and that they are doing a small Tour through Europe to promote the album. There were three concerts in Germany and the one in Aschaffenburg was the nearest, so I took the 200 kilometer journey to check if the guys are really able to perform the stuff live that they are playing in the studio

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Wednesday, 30. August 2006

Review: Wolfgang Schmid - Special Kick


Because I was pretty enthused about the “Special Kick” concert in June (Concertreview), I had to get the CD for myself, so I could listen to it closer.

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Tuesday, 18. July 2006

Review: Holly McNarland - Live Stuff


The second album, I want to review here, is from Holly McNarland, a canadian Singer, that I heard first on the second Lilith Fair CD. Her Song “Elmo” has inherently thrilled me when I heared it the first time. Primarily I found her voice very interesting. I found it so interesting, that I bought one of her albums recently. Because I always want to have an overview for the introduction, so my decision was set to take the “Live Stuff”-Album.

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Monday, 03. July 2006

Jewel - Goodbye Alice in Wonderland [Update]


As I mentioned once before, I was starting to listen to the newest Jewel album “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland” two weeks ago. Like I have done it in the book-review-category I want to write more or less short statements about all new albums I'm buying in the future.

This album is the first part of the soundtrack of this blog, if you believe in the quote of Dick Clark: Music is the soundtrack of our life. I was listening to the album very often in the last two weeks, so I want to review this album here as the first one.

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Tuesday, 27. June 2006

Phew, scarry


Happend some minutes ago: I listened to the instrumentalbridge of “One Last Time(Dream Theater), that's the part in which the story is clarified and in which you notice via audio flash how the the murder that is part of the story really happened. Abruptly the windows have moved here and the printouts flew through the room. Yes, that's the right time for a thunder-storm. *shudder*

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Sunday, 25. June 2006

Concertreview: Wolfgang Schmid - A Special Kick - Munich [Update]


Yesterday evening Marco Minnemann (Drums), Wolfgang Schmid (Bass, Vocals), Libor Shima (Sax, Bassoon) and Peter Wölpl (Guitar) played for the last time this week in Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich. The four guys have recorded together in the studio for the "Kick"-project before, and played the songs they have made for their two albums, Special Kick and A Swift Kick. And I was there! (Smiley: smile)

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Sunday, 18. June 2006

Jewel sings about geeks


The short prehistory: It was a long process for me to realise this blog. I imposed myself to listen to the new Jewel album not until i was finishing my blog. That's done now. And what am i hearing in the second song of the album? Jewel is singing about geeks.

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