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Archive - November 2007

Wednesday, 28. November 2007

141 Megabyte…


…for a printer driver! *misgiving*

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Wednesday, 21. November 2007



In the last time, catcontent seems to be in again. Zeroterms cat is having digestion problems and one of germans biggest blogs was posting this video today:


[ via Spreeblick und A minor point of view ]

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The geek fashion wintercatalogue is available


The winter catalogue has come to hand and we want to introduce some highlights for the guys as well as for the ladies and of course for our small companions too.

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Favicon generator


If you don't have GIMP or don't like png2ico, you can also use Favikon recently.

[ via Pixelgraphix Sideblog ]

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Tuesday, 20. November 2007

Softwareupdate (of our court entrance)


Release Notes:

  • Fixed a security hole
  • Installed VLC over it
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Thursday, 15. November 2007

You are a (script-)programmer, if…


…you pay attention to the correct use of the equal signs on your notes (specialdedction===deduction3?).

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Saturday, 10. November 2007

Longtime studies say,…


…that Frets of Fire is simply the better Guitar Hero Game.

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Wednesday, 07. November 2007

Worked a little bit on the blog


I make it short: This blog can now handle Tags, too. In the frontend you can recognize it only as a list with links to Technorati. I'm not sure, if I should do a own tag filtering, so currently the linking to Technorati is quite okay for me.

I also tuned the HTML structure, so now the main blog template really validates, and you'll get a 100% valid page, if I make no fault in the entries.

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Tuesday, 06. November 2007

23: #11


Translated: The new PS2 is 23 cm wide[…]

Oh, really…

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Thursday, 01. November 2007

Bad movie rating


Is there a unit to show the quality of a movie in relation to it's running time? Something like “felt given away time per real minute”? Or what about “Average ignoring of a scene per hour”? Or “in mind written shoppinglist list per killed supernumerary?

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