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Archive - April 2008

Saturday, 19. April 2008

Copywriting in the Darkroom


Don't panic, this post is about software and contains no sexual content. (Smiley: smile) I just found a interesting programming that may be pretty cool especially for the blogging people out there: JDarkRoom.

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Wednesday, 16. April 2008

Mr President, one question…


Jean Luc Picard as president of the united states doing a press conference

Some of the other pictures from the image manipulation contests at worth1000.com are quite funny, too:

My favorites are Being Jean-Luc Picard, Spock, The Pope , Gangster Shatner, Shinzon Rockstar and Scottish Whisky. Which one do you like most?

[ Via Spreeblick]

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Tuesday, 15. April 2008

Shirt Spam! Finally!


Everyone knows, that Spam is poetry, it's no news. But, like every serious poetry, Spam is now available on T-Shirts!

[ Via Shirt Blog ]

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Wednesday, 09. April 2008

Report from the support front


Person 1 explains some computer related problem to person 2.

Person 1: Double click here.
Person 2: Two times?
Person 1 lapses into coma inwardly.

[ Via Voice communication with krümelchen ]

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Color of hate



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Friday, 04. April 2008

Nerd-Bugreport #3


Hey, it seems, there can be a new category on this blog. This time it's Linus Torvalds himself, who fears the consequences of bug, because he thinks his wife will kill him: Redhat Bugzilla Bug 439858: swf mozilla plugin - no youtube

[ Via Pro Linux ]

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Tuesday, 01. April 2008

Attention, Windows Users: New dangerous virus found!


The F-Secure Team found a new highly dangerous trojan this morning: Win32.Pril.A. It's best to stay at home – offline…

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