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Tuesday, 17. April 2007 - 17:00

Alarm Clock for Geeks

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Problems waking up? Not with Clocky anymore.

Clocky is the perfect alarm clock for Geeks: It's configurable, can fly and the ring tone is comming in a random interval. More important is, that it's extremely loud (about 80 db and the best: It's moving!

After the first ringing and after the snooze time it's ringing and blinking again while driving through your bedroom. (Smiley: grin)

Here is an action video:


Although I wanted to have this ikea alarm clock next, I think my decision would be clock, because function is of course more important than design.

[ via Slashdot ]

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  1. Gorbi wrote at 27/04/07 - 12:06:56
    Lol das nenn ich mal nen Wecker (Smiley: grin)

    Musst durchs halbe Schlafzimmer rennen um Ihn auszumachen und da wirste sicherlich wach xD

    mfg Gorbi
  2. Melli wrote at 19/05/07 - 17:07:08
    voooooll coooooool

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