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Archive - January 2007

Wednesday, 31. January 2007

Wow! Microsoft, I show my respect...


As I was clicking through Windows Vista recently, this mega feature really thrilled me:

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Friday, 26. January 2007

New last.fm feature: Which music do I listen to in two days


last.fm is now able to forecast the future and it's calculating the stats ahead. Obviously they are currently improving this feature, because some days ago the forecast was only for one day, that's why I thought it was just a missing timezone query. But with a difference of two days (current state of development) it's clear, that this is a feature and not a bug.

Screenshot of my music stats that shows, the generating date of 28.th january 2007

(Smiley: wink)

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Thursday, 25. January 2007



...why have I jilt that album for so long?

Ok, one more time... *startingCDforthethirdtimeinseries*

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Wednesday, 17. January 2007

Spam guard phase 2


I activated the second phase of the “spam guard” für my blog here, because the first one was only successful at the beginning. This time the Bot doesn't have to “set a checkbox”, it has to choose the right value from a list. I'm curious about the result of this experiment.

For the next step I'm planing a text-CAPTCHA. Maybe I'll experiment a lil'bit with the amount of options in the selectbox. We'll see...

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Tuesday, 16. January 2007

Formular to convert geodata


For the case I (or everyone else) need(s) again the formula for converting geodata, that are noted in sexagesimalnotation DMS and should be converted into decimalnotation, that's it:

degrees + ( minutes * 1/60 ) + ( secondes * 1/3600 )

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Geek Talk


M: Oh, Tea?
P: Offtopic?
(insert some endless silence here)
P: Oh, Tee!

P: What's the name of the windows dog?
M: Hm... Don't know. Wizard

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Saturday, 13. January 2007

Spam again


It looks, that my first Spam-Defense-Idea only worked for a short time. I think I'll spent some time next week, with realisizing a second step. Please note, if you are reading here something about porn or strange pharmaceutical stuff, it's just spam that I haven't deleted yet.

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Thursday, 11. January 2007

“Love Letters”


That's sooooooooooo cute. I'm choked up........

[via Conny]

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Wednesday, 10. January 2007

Ethernet != Internet?


They wrote Internet wrong, it's with “ether” at the beginning. anonym

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Computer named after their owners


Sometimes I think it's kind of funny, when computers are named after their ownerns. It's a little bit strange when your typing some commands in the terminal:

host michael
mount.smbfs //angelique/activities /mnt/friends
dig julia
telnet dave
whois alice
ping john
wget http://joe/borrowed_dvd
scp my_best_poem.txt cecilia:/home/cecilia

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Getting the sound of a youtube video into a MP3/OGG file


The short version for my english readers:

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Saturday, 06. January 2007

Don't Commit Suicide by Train


Photo of a railroad sign: Active Railroad - No Trespassing; There is help: 1.800 Suicide

Found in ChipX86's photostream, there are bigger versions of this image, too.

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Thursday, 04. January 2007



Now I'm back online in my “new” flat! (Smiley: dido)

Don't know what to do first... Okay, let's start with an emerge --sync.

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Recent acoustic enchantment

Clare Burson - Love Me In The Morning

Random Thought

Did you know that, if you play a Windows 2000 CD backwards, you will hear the voice of Satan?
That's nothing!
If you play it forward, it will install Windows 2000!!!
- rootshell (forums.gentoo.org)

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