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Wednesday, 10. January 2007 - 00:32

Getting the sound of a youtube video into a MP3/OGG file

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

The short version for my english readers:

Software Requirements

You need a linux system with the following software installed:

  1. mplayer
  2. wget
  3. A MP3 or OGG encoder like lame or oggenc
  4. Firefox
  5. Firefox Extension livehttpheaders
  6. (the Firefox Extension flashblock is also helpful)


  1. Start your firefox
  2. Turn live httpheaders on
  3. Go to the video page
  4. (with Flashblock: start the video, you can clear the livehttpheaders output before, which is helpful
  5. grab URL (have a look at something like Location: http://[...].youtube.com/get_video?[...]
  6. download FLV (with wget)
  7. extract the sound as WAV file the following: mplayer -ao pcm:file=sound.wav video.flv
  8. encode the file (with oggenc: oggenc sound.wav -q 7 -o sound.ogg or with lame: lame --preset hifi sound.wav sound.mp3/
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  1. slyzer wrote at 04/02/07 - 09:01:30
    Es geht noch viel einfacher, da der Audio-Stream in den FLV-Dateien als MP3 gespeichert ist (bei Youtube):

    mplayer -dumpaudio -dumpfile video.mp3 video.flv

  2. lama y. wrote at 13/09/07 - 21:51:24
    Thanks, to the both of you.
    I knew mplayer could do it, just not how and been waisting my time with more laborius methods.
  3. Tobias (Website) wrote at 07/08/08 - 22:00:51
  4. smith wrote at 22/08/08 - 08:16:27
    i currently use My YouTube Converter to download and convert YouTube videos to my Zune Player. It works pretty fine on Vista. You can find it on http://www.sharewarecheap.com/My_YouTube_Converter_software_2690.html
  5. Schneckle08 wrote at 01/09/08 - 16:29:48
    Warum so umständlich?
    Einfach Youtube Link auf der Seite:
    Danach als Format mp3 angeben und auf deiner Festplatte speichern.
  6. Casper wrote at 23/10/10 - 16:53:53
    Ich hatte das meist mit ffmpeg gemacht, ETWA so:

    ffmpeg -i file.flv -acodec mp3lame -ar -br file.mp3

    Franzt manchmal aus.

    Ich bin mir der Meinung das es auch einen mencoder-Einzeiler gibt.
  7. Casper wrote at 23/10/10 - 16:56:21
    Sry. Wusste nicht das > und < geschluckt werden.

    Hinter -ar gehoert die AudioRate=AudioFrequency;s.a. 32000
    Hinter -ab gehoert die BitRateOfMpegStream;s.a. 64k

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