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Archive - February 2007

Wednesday, 28. February 2007



The one or the other may have noticed it already: The MySQL Database Server of the weblog is very unstable and is freezing in the last time. I'll have an eye on that problem in the next several days, in the worst case I have to migrate the database to another server or maybe I will change the provider.

I hope it's not too disturbing for you and the downtime keeps within a limit...

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Feed for the ear


I found a song on the website of Keri Noble that persists insinde my head and my player is going to play it more often in the next time. *buzzing* Very nice... Anyone else who likes “Watch me walk”, too?

And BTW: The media folder has an active directory listing and there's no index file in the folder... *whistling* (Smiley: Angel)

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Review: Andromeda - Chimera


It has been a long time, since the last post in this category. The third Andromeda album “Chimera”, which I bouhgt after the concert, wasn't completely innocent on this. It's a typical progressiv metal album, and that means, that you'll need some time to feel comfortable with it. At this time this statement is mor true than usual. At first I had some problems with the nine tracks. But in the meantime, I'm happy, that I took this album in my player over and over, because now I have to say, that this album is one of the best I've heard in the last months.

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Sunday, 18. February 2007



It's the same everytime: The last episode of the even some days ago buyed season box is over and what's remains? Some kind of blankness, this easy in love, easy sad, airy moonly feeling.
One of these feelings, that brings one back in mind, for which moments one is living. Moments in which you one can get into the small and beatiful things again. Moments in which one is happy, even if – or even because – you are sitting here with one said crying eye and one happy crying eye.

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Tuesday, 06. February 2007

Strange Key


Statement of a customer, after he found the Fn key on his new laptop:
Oh yes, it's between Alt and stange!

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Clare Burson - Love Me In The Morning

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