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Monday, 18. September 2006 - 19:44

Concertreview: Andromeda in Aschaffenburg

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

On Wednesday evening I took the (quite) rare chance and I was watching Andromeda live. I coincidental stumbled on their website again and I was surprised, that they have released their third album “Chimera” three month ago and that they are doing a small Tour through Europe to promote the album. There were three concerts in Germany and the one in Aschaffenburg was the nearest, so I took the 200 kilometer journey to check if the guys are really able to perform the stuff live that they are playing in the studio

And, yes they can! And I think, that fact that they often compared with bands like Dream Theater is indeed entitled. It's not, because the music sounds similar (Anromeda is more Keyboard driven and their music is harder), but the 5 guys are sometimes equal in virtuosic.

The concert was starting with the outro of “Two is One”, so I had an anticipation to hear “Morphing Into Nothing” as Opener, because on the album it's the song that follows. Unfortunately they play a song of the third album as opener. It's a pity, because I think they have the perfect opener with “Encyclopedia”. The concert was a good well-balanced mix from all the albums, but I think the three or four songs from the third album, were the badest. But that's, because I didn't know these songs yet, and that's a big advantage on a progressive metal concert, when you know the songs. The more “quiet” they play was “Two is One” approximately at the half-time. “Chameleon Carneval” was really extra cool. (Smiley: smile)
I was a bit crestfallen, that they haven't played “Reaching Deep Within” and “Encyclopedia”. A lot of the best songs haven't found a place in the 1.5 hours program. Yep, after 1.5 hours it was over. Encore inclusive. I think the reason was that they played with a temporary keyboarder, because Martin Hedin was at home with his wife,. Both are expecting their second baby. This news was acclaimed a lot by the audience, so say never again, that metal fans don't have a heart. (Smiley: wink)

All in all, the estimated 40 people were quite enthusiastic for the gig. I think, Andromeda has created a really huge power for such a small audience. It's some years ago, but if I can remember correctly, wasn't even Dream Theater able to make such a power in the audience, which had 150 people. And well, of course the contigent of drummers was really high again. You can notice that in the stage-modification-pause, when there were several people standing around and beating on their thighs. (Smiley: smile)

Some words to each single musician:
The Head of the Band Johan Reinholdz (Guitar) is really a good guitarist, but he isn't so spectacular as John Petrucci. But he is making a good job at all and without him, Andromeda wouldn't be Andromeda.
I was really amazed from David Fremberg (Vocals). He came across really friendly and he a fantastic singer, who knows how to handle the audience. He has also some really nice legerdemains with the microphone. (Smiley: smile)
I was also really thrilled on the temporary keyboarder, but unforunately I don't remeber his name. I think he had not much time to prepare for the tour and he has done a great job. Above all he acted very funny, a really nice guy. Oh, have I mentioned, that my band is searching for a keyboarder? (Smiley: smile)
Thomas Lejon (Drumer) has made solid show and he is really able to play the stuff that you can hear on the CD. Like Johan Reinholdz he was doing a lot of improvisation and he is one of the drumers who can't endure for a longer time in a standard rythm. The drumsolo that he played in the middle of the concert hasn't thrilled me sooooo much. I think the rest of the performance during the concert was much more interesting. But I think I'm a bit spoiled with the Minnemann solos from the Special Kick-concert... (Smiley: smile) Oh and for everyone who is unsure about the effect cymbals that you can here very often on the CDs: These are Sabian mini chinas (between 12-14 inches). He has two of them, everytime available (one on the right and one on the left side). The rest of the drumset is quite unobtrusive: Pearl Set with 5 Toms and one bass drum (the drumer of the supporting band had 2 bassdrums, what looked quite absurd, because there wasn't much other stuff around him), 3 Crash cymbals, one Splash and a big China.
The most unobtrusive guy was Fabian Gustavsson (Bass). That was one of the reasons I really wanted to see “Encyclopedia”.

Even some days after, I'm already positive-thinking and happy about the concert and I'm adding Andromeda more often to my playlist as usual. The third album was quickly post ordered, so I can listen to it at last. And I can't wait for the announced Live-DVD. (Smiley: dido)

Luckily I found the Setlist in a Thread in the Andromeda Forum:

  1. Periscope
  2. In The Deepest Of Waters
  3. Mirages
  4. II=I
  5. The Hidden Riddle
  6. Chameleon Carnival
  7. Drum solo
  8. Inner Circle
  9. In The End
  10. Eclipse
  11. --- Encore: The Words Unspoken

So, everyone who likes progessive metal and who has the possibility to see Andromeda live should take this chance. But don't trust the guy at the merchandising booth, when he tells you that the wished shirt isn't available in L anymore, but M would fit too. (Smiley: wink)

The supporting band Manticora has done a good show, but I didn't like their music very much. It's a mix of Power- and Speed-Metal with a small progressive touch, but for me it's too hard.

Of course I was trying to make some photos, but my photo knowledge seems to inadequate to make good pictures in such a dark environment. I could save these two pictures:

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  1. Dave wrote at 24/09/06 - 12:03:20
    Hellas Meister!

    Ich war auch an besagtem Konzert, somit haben wir uns mit Sicherheit irgendwie gesehen. (Smiley: smile) Schönes Review, kann mich dem meisten nur anschließen. (auch wenn mir das Drum-Solo ziemlich getaugt hat... bin aber kein Schlagzeuger, von daher...)

    Öhm, zu den Fotos: Falls Du die dunklen noch rumfliegen hast, schieb mal rüber! Ich bin Mediengestalter und ziemlich sicher, dass man da noch mehr retten kann als die zwei! (Smiley: wink)


    Dave aus Fürth
  2. Philipp Söhnlein (Website) wrote at 25/09/06 - 12:08:32
    Hey Dave,

    jo, wir müssen uns Zwangsläufig gesehen haben. (Smiley: smile)
    Und danke für das Lob.
    Die Fotos habe ich dir gerade geschickt.


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