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Archive - July 2007

Tuesday, 31. July 2007

Who needs a Wii…


…when he has Photo Booth? Hehe, so much fun. (Smiley: grin)

Remark: Sigost is something similar, if you don't have a iSight capable Mac.

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Thursday, 26. July 2007

Is blogging different in bedroom?


Well, yes, it is… I'm going on…

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Wednesday, 25. July 2007



Reality has passed the overstating internet again: I saw people rofling

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Don't forget


This friday is System Administrator Appreciation Day.

I think klingon articles and ThinkGeek Vouchers are a very good idea to surprise your admin. Don't forget, what they are doing for you every day! (Smiley: smile)

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Monday, 23. July 2007

To break a geeks heart…


…you have to make sure, that the package that he is carrying with him the whole day, contains the wrong piece of hardware. (Smiley: sad)

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Calm before the storm


Image: Water, Stones and a Hawser

Taken in Stockholm.

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This way


Image: Street at night, long time illumination

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Stockholms Sunset

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Saturday, 21. July 2007

Lamborghini in the sun


Bild: Lamborghini

Detected in Stockholm.

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I finally did it…


…for the very first time

Dear Mister Söhnlein

thank you for your order at the GRAVIS WebStore.
You ordered the following articles:

1   Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter from PB G4 1000 12", MacBook, iMac Intel
1   MacBook Core 2 Duo 2160 13" SD black german, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HD
   incl. 1   logiprint Typometer  
   incl. 1   Magazine: Mac Life
   incl. 1   Parallels Desktop for Mac TryOut german
   inkl. 1   GRAVIS MacPack Vol.4
1   Hardwareguard iBook/MacBook GRAVIS Safety Pack Plus
   incl. 1   Service SE "normal"  

Everyone who dislikes annoying unpack- and “Geeks in ecstasy”-pictures, should avoid this blog in the next days.

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Graveyard at night


Image: Graveyard at night

Taken on a austrian graveyard.

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Do not forget…


…on the next weekend the Bardentreffen will take place!

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Monday, 09. July 2007

Gone fishing


A short message: From tomorrow, I'm not in germany for one week. In this time, the comment- and the trackbackfunction are not active.

Please keep your fingers crossed, that I'll survive my first two flights. (Smiley: wink)

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Monday, 02. July 2007

half slashdotted


Well, obviously someone has deposited a link on the “If Linux Distributions were women”-story on Slashdot.

As a matter of principle I'm happy about the results my traffic counter shows me, so I had something like a mini Slashdot Effect. But on the other hand, I'm not sure, what I should think about, when one of the comments says, that this site reads like a chinese fortune cookie… What the hell does this mean? Is my english so bad? (Smiley: sad)

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Did you know that, if you play a Windows 2000 CD backwards, you will hear the voice of Satan?
That's nothing!
If you play it forward, it will install Windows 2000!!!
- rootshell (forums.gentoo.org)

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