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Archive - January 2008

Monday, 28. January 2008

Jasmin Tabatabai now on last.fm


As I discovered the music of Jasmin Tabatabai for the first time, there was not much material you could listen to on the web. That has changed, because the first album (Only love) and the coressponding live album (Only live), which holds some of the songs from the Bandits Soundtrack too, are now available on last.fm. So if you want…

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Time Google needs to index a page:


4 days.

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Sunday, 27. January 2008

Amazon offers MP3 files internationally soon


The title says it all: This year, Amazon will sell MP3 files not just in the US.

But, can someone tell me, why Amazon uses such a strange URL for their press releases?

[ via Slashdot ]

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Finally a good encryptionsoftware for Mac OS X?


Brave betatesters, please step up, there is a (more or less) official fork of Truecrypt for Mac OS X.

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Friday, 25. January 2008

Creativity, Creativity


I know someone, who would really love and need this piece:


More infos about it on http://backin.de/gumball/

[ via Spreeblick ]

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WordPress Plugin StatPress isn't counting


If the Wordpress statistic plugin Statpress isn't counting, though it's correctly installed,, you should check if your theme is calling the wp_head() function.

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Thursday, 24. January 2008

#23: 13


The blog of my lovely Crumby went online yesterday, on the 23rd of January.

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Wednesday, 23. January 2008

Art for Geeks


Without words:
Painting of a woman, who reads a book. At the bottom right there are four big letters: RTFM.

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Gimme5: Answers instead of questions!


It's been a long time, since I answered some questions from Gimme5. This time it's in Jeopardy mode.

  1. Three.

    How much screens do you currently have in front of you?

  2. On Weekend.

    Do you prefer going to cinema on weekend or during the week?

  3. Soccer.

    Which sport did you mostly in your childhood?

  4. My mother, who else??

    Who makes the best pizza in the world?

  5. Sweden.

    Your last holidy target?

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Saturday, 19. January 2008

Pressure for Webdevelopers


Found the How Many HTML Elements Can You Name in 5 Minutes?-Test by Puddy's and had to do it, of course.

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The uncomfortable truth


The Perils of PC Posture. Regards to all of use – to Mac users, too.

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Friday, 18. January 2008

Take Five


Style attack:


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Monday, 14. January 2008



Beside xkcd the best webcomic for geeks out there. Todays episode features everything I like: A Mini Cooper, Star Trek and Knoppix. Check it out, it made my day.

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Wednesday, 09. January 2008

Is that patchable?


I think you can criticise god for many points, when he was developing this universe. But I think one of the biggest failures of him was, when he decided not to patch the bug “static discharge” for gloating reasons. *sigh*

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