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Archive - March 2008

Monday, 24. March 2008

Nerd Bugreport #2


There's more of that: Adium Bug Ticket #2414: Talking to girls. (Smiley: grin)

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Thursday, 13. March 2008

#23: 14


I forgot the most important of all questions in my yesterdays talk with god. So I called on him today again:

Me: What's the meaning of life?

God: Actually, it's twenty-three, not forty-two.

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Tuesday, 11. March 2008



If you wanna talk to god, you can do that on a dedicated page.

And like every good christian, I want share my personal enlightenment with everyone:

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More Catcontent


Maybe I have to post this video, because I'm sometimes introduced as the guy with the Catvideo on the blog.


Maybe there will be some follow-ups on the corresponding Youtube channel.

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Short Editorrecommendation


I currently use Komodo Edit for coding the usual web stuff (PHP, JavaScript, HTML) at home.

An alternative I should also check in the future is the Aptana Studio

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Sunday, 09. March 2008

Katie Armiger


Since I've seen Shut up and sing, I'm somehow on an absolute country-trip – and I'm not talking about the old Johnny Cash Sound. I'm talking about the more modern – others call it pop – sound, perhaps someone would call it Nu country? (Smiley: wink)

So, I found Katie Armiger while searching a bit in the cockaigne. Her first album was released last year and the four songs you can hear on here site at the abscess of the internet won't go out of my head for the last several days. Okay, the songtitles really sound like classical country stuff (which is some kind of american folk music, in my opinion), but it has much more drive and depth. I think you could compare the style with Pieces of you from Jewel or the first two Corrs albums, because all of these discs contain this young and innocent spirit, which I think, the world really needs more of. So if you really listen to the lyrics, you are not surprised when you discover that Katie is just 16 years young.

Thanks to the current dollar vs. Euro value (you took note of the capitalization, didn't you? (Smiley: wink)), I ordered the album already. When I got it and spend some time with it, I'll bring of course a detailed review of it.

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Saturday, 08. March 2008

Delicious Library


Delicious Library is another example, that Mac OS has the nicer applications. And it's not just a beauty.

Screenshot of Delicious Library

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Wednesday, 05. March 2008

Something to rummage in


Yeah! I think with Jamendo I finally found the website for Creative Commons music (=free music. Free as in free beer and free speech) I was looking for a long time: Good interface, nice search options (I just miss the option to search music with special CC attributes), many artists (currently 7450 albums available) and the most titles are available in OGG format.

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House GIF


Dr. House makes a grimace

Found in a thread, that your browser will definitely not like.

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Recent acoustic enchantment

Clare Burson - Love Me In The Morning

Random Thought

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