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Archive - July 2008

Tuesday, 08. July 2008

Coming out


If you want to see, what I did the last weeks, you can come along and play a little bit with me and my extension.

(Damn, sometimes I have absolutely no ideas for good headlines and sometimes I have at least two superb headlines for these one sentence posts… )

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Friday, 04. July 2008

About Foxes, toasters and clocks [Update]


Foxes and toaster… These both were my topics in the last weeks – and the reasons why there's currently not much going on here. Curiously enough the new Firefox 3 united boh in an easteregg.

My lesser output is also, because I'm not very happy with the whole concept and especially with the software, so that's why the thoughts of doing a relaunch appeared in my mind several times in the last months. Especially the reviews and the english duplication of most contents are too much. The fact that all posts are written in handcrafted HTML is not very helpfull, too. Finally there's too less feedback, so I think it's better when I will dislocate my efforts into more effective channels.

That doesn't not mean that I'm going to kick the whole blog from the internet. But I will surely remove the english section. And I wanted to write down my current thoughts, maybe I see a bit clearer now. Let's see…

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