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Wednesday, 09. April 2008

Report from the support front


Person 1 explains some computer related problem to person 2.

Person 1: Double click here.
Person 2: Two times?
Person 1 lapses into coma inwardly.

[ Via Voice communication with krümelchen ]

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Saturday, 01. December 2007

It began today


Not just chronological but also emotional the christmas time started today for me. So I spent the half of the day with baking some christmas cookies and after I dismissed my idea of writing an “Baking with Nerds”-article (There's also a germany cookbook for geeks I recognized some geeky shapes of some of my manufactures. Maybe you can guess what I saw in these pieces of dough?

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Tuesday, 20. November 2007

Softwareupdate (of our court entrance)


Release Notes:

  • Fixed a security hole
  • Installed VLC over it
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Friday, 19. October 2007



If today claims another one that the world is losing a terrific marketing copywriter on me, I will sulk the whole weekend!

Marketing… Me?!? (Smiley: offended)

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Tuesday, 09. October 2007

Just to stick on it…


Blogging is life! (Smiley: yeah)

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Wednesday, 25. July 2007



Reality has passed the overstating internet again: I saw people rofling

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Monday, 23. July 2007

Calm before the storm


Image: Water, Stones and a Hawser

Taken in Stockholm.

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This way


Image: Street at night, long time illumination

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Stockholms Sunset

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Saturday, 21. July 2007

Lamborghini in the sun


Bild: Lamborghini

Detected in Stockholm.

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Graveyard at night


Image: Graveyard at night

Taken on a austrian graveyard.

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Saturday, 02. June 2007



Why buys one the extra pricy extension leads and the extra pricy power supplies, if you'll be immediately forced to a restart after each flash in a thunderstorm? *sigh*

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Wednesday, 16. May 2007

Tizzy in the company



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Wednesday, 09. May 2007

I'm shocked


Why do I seem to be a vegetarian?
That's not intended or wanted.

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Thursday, 12. April 2007

Once when...


...my mother is writing an email to me, it's classified as spam. *grrr* *grumble*

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Thursday, 11. January 2007

“Love Letters”


That's sooooooooooo cute. I'm choked up........

[via Conny]

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Thursday, 14. December 2006

Snowflake Closeup


When there's an absence of snow ((Smiley: crying)), then you can have a closer look at this microscope shot of a snowflake. Nice, isn't it?

[via Tim]

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Wednesday, 27. September 2006

Dangerous Cookies


What would I do without them? They make my life sweet, they leave delicious crumbs that are usable as dessert and no one thinks they are a security risk for your computer (expect of the crumbs that can disappear in your keyboard, so you can't eat them up as dessert). Of course I'm talking about biscuits, the best kind of cookies and therefore the best candy on the whole world.

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Wednesday, 06. September 2006

Wonder of nature


Today: Potatoe in form of a heart. Found in garden just now, bad photographed.

Potatoe in form of a heart.

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Wednesday, 16. August 2006

236 unread items


236 unread items in my feedreader

Result of one long working day, with almost no time for feed reading.

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Tuesday, 01. August 2006



Is anoyone else in a autumn-/winter-mood today and wants to have a hot bath with candles and a cup of tea best?

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Monday, 10. July 2006

The world doesn't need such books


Actually I'm in a clearance mood: Fileing data from the virtual storage area, making backups, doing an image of the system root partition, sorting my bookmarks into my Spurl-account... That is haunting me in the job, too. Because we change our rooms here and I'm taking the chance to separate some old books out. I was never using this books and I was not the one who bought them. The first pail is already prepared:
Pail with old computerbooks
I'm going on...

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Wednesday, 21. June 2006

Boys, i spend a round


3 cups of tea
Teamaintenance of our little development bureao (pupil included)-
It's time for me to buy a more geeky cup...

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Clare Burson - Love Me In The Morning

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