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Wednesday, 27. September 2006 - 13:17

Dangerous Cookies

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

What would I do without them? They make my life sweet, they leave delicious crumbs that are usable as dessert and no one thinks they are a security risk for your computer (expect of the crumbs that can disappear in your keyboard, so you can't eat them up as dessert). Of course I'm talking about biscuits, the best kind of cookies and therefore the best candy on the whole world.

Today it's a very cookie-day. As I woke up this morning I had a huge desire for a cornflakes-similar breakfast. So I bought a pack of Mini-Cookie-Flakes. And later I was reading a book in my bed and of course I eat up the remaing package of the yesterdays opened Chocolate cookies (perhaps they are called Jazz cookies by the maker I don't know.) together with a nice cup of Roboos tea.

Oh, and the party the other day, I only survived , because there was a big plate with reaaaally gooood cookies. (Smiley: smile)

And now I'm sitting here with a bit of vibrating hands (that always happens, when I nourish myself on cookies only) and I'm writting a blog entry about cookies.... I like my small round friends. I have to look where the next package hides... Though, it's lunch time, time for something decent. I think, I'm making a pizza now...

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