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Sunday, 25. June 2006 - 19:42

Concertreview: Wolfgang Schmid - A Special Kick - Munich [Update]

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Yesterday evening Marco Minnemann (Drums), Wolfgang Schmid (Bass, Vocals), Libor Shima (Sax, Bassoon) and Peter Wölpl (Guitar) played for the last time this week in Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich. The four guys have recorded together in the studio for the "Kick"-project before, and played the songs they have made for their two albums, Special Kick and A Swift Kick. And I was there! (Smiley: smile)

Unfortunately the Jazzclub wasn't so filled as it has could be. I estimate, that there is place for about 80-100 people. But there wer just about 30 people present. And about the half of that crowd were friends of the musicians. Marco Minnemann for example is living in Los Angeles and is rarely comming to germany. That's the reason why I was there: I ultimately wanted to see Marco Minnemann live.

It's quite unusual for me to go to a concert I don't know the music before. I didn't know the two albums and I just know the short preview snippets that Amazon if providing. I liked these, but they have scarred me, too: The music sounded very interesting, but why is there so much rap stuff? At the concert I thought it isn't such bad. They played instrumentalsongs the most time. These songs had much solos and were very long. The first set for example was about 45 minutes and had 4 songs and one drum solo. Some verses with singing as short “relaxing” parts hvae been a good idea.

But the most important thing: The music was very nice. It's well known that Wolfgang Schmid and Marco Minnemann are masters on thei instruments. But the other members of the band delivered a very good performance. I think there was many improvisation, that's quite normal for jazz. But I like it. It was fun to here this stuff. Marco Minnemann played two solos (one per set). While he playing I wasn't sure what's better: To see him or to him. Sure, Marco includes much showparts in his soloing. I've seen the most of it before, because I know his DVD “Extreme Drumming”. And I generally don't like showelements in concerts. But when he plays a meaningful and cool groove and all of his three Hi-Hats around him are moving; That's very cool and makes you shake your head, because you can't believe it. There was another funny part in the first set. At the end of an song, that ends with a guitar solo, the music became more quiet and quiet. Peter Wölpl started this and the other musicians followed him. At the very end Wolfgang Schmid and Peter Wölpl played acoustic, you couldn't here a tone from the saxophon only the air that was blowed through the instrument was hearable and Marco Minnemann waved around in the air and acted like he would play. (Smiley: smile) That's just possible when you play in such small concert halls.

I think the athmosphere in the club was quite interesting, too. Because there was such a small hall and there very just a few visitors everything was very relaxed and personal in my opinion. Somehow it's cool if you consider thate such musicians have played in stadiums before but on evenings like this they are just sitting next to you. I was a bit angry, that I hadn't taken a pen and one of my Minnemann respectively Schmid CDs with me.

Altogether it was a very nice and funny evening, that didn't cost very much and at that you could look up to such a concentraded load of musical competence. Thank to the orchestra, like Wolfgang Schmid named the band on this evening.

Update: Images added.

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