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Wednesday, 05. December 2007 - 00:40

“Dancing Barefoot” by Wil Wheaton

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Wil Wheaton is a rather normal, crazy geek, who (sorry I have to mention it one time) had the honor to play a continuing role in Star Trek. Because of this job, his writing talents and his unique, nice way he made me have one of the best reading evenings since a long time, with his first book called “Dancing Barefoot”.

Photo of the book cover


The contents are described quickly: The book contains seven (not “of nine” ) autobiographic stories, whereas the last one covers abouht the half of the book. So the first six are classical short stories, that are told partly very sad and partly very entertaining and funny. But all narratives have one thing in common: They make you thinking. And not just in a “Think Geek” manner, they make you think about life at all: The first one is about death, and after that the reader is directly into a childhoods game and again after that you find yourself in puberty. And that's just the beginning, because Wils second book “Just a geek” should be written in the same kind.


The about 100 pages are perfectly described with the slogan “From a geek, for geeks” (hey, that's a 1:n relation). But it's not about continuing technlabla, it's just about the way of living and that's what Wil is expressing. It's about love, about hate (I better say “about beeing hated” ), about never ending fun and deep sadness. Directly at the end of the first story (the sad one) I had some tears in my eyes and that happened later again. In the meantime there are a lot laughs and you notice very fast who talented the author is, so I decided to give Malte from Spreeblick a neighboor on the list of authors I'm reading the texts, no matter what they are about.

And all of that is wrapped in a really wonderful writing style, that is so easy to read, that even I can now allege, that I have read a complete book on one evening. (Smiley: smile) Okay, I admit, the one or the other part is better, when you are a Star Trek fan, but I think I can recommend this book to non-geeks, too.
Oh, and I have to cleave, that Wil Wheaton is not Wesley Crusher. Yep, the author reached his goal on me, too. (Smiley: grin)


In short words: For me “Dancing Barefoot” is the best book, I read in this year (Hey Wil, that's another, no, two further points for your “Beating Bill Shatner”-list, that go to you! (Smiley: grin)) and it fits perfectly to this blog, so I can't give another rating: 5 of 5 points.

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  1. Puddy (Website) wrote at 19/01/08 - 15:53:15
    hab das Buch zwar schon seit Monaten bestellt, es kam aber erst jetzt an

    Danke, dass du mir (uns) das Buch empfohlen hast, es hat sich definitiv gelohnt! (Smiley: smile)
  2. Philipp Söhnlein (Website) wrote at 19/01/08 - 17:47:04

    du hast es aber schon bestellt, *bevor* ich es hier beschrieben habe, oder?

    Und du hast es auch schon gelesen? Oder bist du noch dabei? Welche der Geschichten gefällt dir am besten?

    Viele Fragen, ich weiß…


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