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Monday, 27. August 2007 - 18:00

DOM: className in Internet Explorer [Update]

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Just a note for me, because I'm always taken in by this:

document.getElementById("myElement").setAttribute("class","myClass"); //will not work in IE
document.getElementById("myElement").className="myClass"; //will work in IE, too.

Update: Found a fault and corrected it. See comments.

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  1. Rene Drescher-Hackel (Website) wrote at 26/10/07 - 11:31:33
    document.getElementById("myElement"(Smiley: wink).setAttribute("class","myClass"(Smiley: wink);

    denn das Attribute, welches gesetzt wird heißt ja "class".

  2. Philipp Söhnlein (Website) wrote at 26/10/07 - 13:44:00
    Ja, ne, is klar.
    Hab es korrigiert.
    Trotzdem sollte man im IE wohl besser direkt .className verwenden.

  3. Andrew wrote at 25/02/09 - 16:09:48
    Your page has an XML parsing error, you missing the semi-colon on a character entity:

    XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
    Line Number 125, Column 78: document.getElementById("myElement&quot.setAttribute("class","myClass"denn das Attribute, welches gesetzt wird hei&sz

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