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Friday, 18. August 2006 - 23:57

Friday Five: Birhtdays

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Today from Friday Five

  1. Do you really make wishes when you blow out the candles on your cake?

    No, I don't. I don't like these “wish you something” on special events. The thing with the small meteorit is nice, but it's too unrealistic, too.

  2. Have any of the wishes ever come true, if yes?


  3. How do you feel about birthdays? (e.g., love the attention, just another day, don't want anyone to know my real age, etc.)

    It depends. I've always hated, if they were required courses. It doesn't matter if it was the own birthday or the birthdays of others. This “Be honest and congratulate ” even if you don't really know the person is really annoying and peer pressuring. Of course the own birthday party with the family and the very best friends is something special and really nice. Everything else on that day is like always, only a bit more annoying

  4. Tell us a favorite gift you've received, or something you'd really like for your next birthday.

    I remember well on that birthday, when I got a gambeoy (The wikipedia entry for the younger people (Smiley: wink)). My parents were always a bit conservative on the gameboy topic and it took a long time, but sometime they cave in. The best was, that I was really surprised!

  5. What flavor cake?

    Especially on my birhtday: (Gewürz-)Schnitten (sorry, I don't know how to translate this). My mum is making them the first time of the year on my birthday, because it's a “christmas cake”. Around christmas they are very popular in my family.

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