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Monday, 31. December 2007 - 01:23

Geek Kitchen: Electric Salt- and Peppermills with LED

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Now I'm playing geeksugar and introduce the most geeky kitchen helpers I know, beside the german cookbook for geeks:

Photo with two salt-/peppersmills

A pepper mill sprinkles pepper into a dish, the LED is lightning.

The elecric salt- and peppermills from Stoha Design have a aluminium case, a transparent filling window, a closure cap (so when nothing crumbs out, when you don't want it) and, the best thing is: When you press the “give some“-button a small, but pretty strong LED is turned on , so you can even give some flavour when it's dark or when you are in a candle light dinner.

An easy and for left handers capable access makes sure, that you have still one hand left for an instant testing of your meal.

One mill comes with all four needed batteries and a backup-LED. For hardware geeks it should be a quick hack to change the white light to a pretty blue one.

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  1. Mela (Website) wrote at 05/04/08 - 10:53:10
    Sowas hab ich mir vor einer Weile auch zugelegt, allerdings klingt mein Paar irgendwie immer halbröchelnd. Mahlen tun sie dennoch, wobei ich für den Pfeffer lieber weiter meine Handmühle nehme, für Salz ists aber okay.

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