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Wednesday, 20. June 2007 - 12:03

Gentoo: … has a modification time in the future

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

I'm currently playing again with Gentoo and I'm getting again the “One of the files in /etc/{conf.d,init.d} or /etc/rc.conf has a modification time in the future”-error. So here is some help, if you have the same little annoyance.

Here it was the case, that the file in /etc/conf.d and /etc/init.d had no timestamp (you can check with ls -lR). You can solve this by a hearty touch /etc/{conf.d,init.d}/*; touch /etc/rc.conf.

[ Solution found at forums.gentoo.org ]

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  1. ziding wrote at 31/08/07 - 12:14:42
    Very useful! Thanks!
  2. Philipp Söhnlein (Website) wrote at 31/08/07 - 13:11:35
    No problem. I'm happy that such posts are really helping people. (Smiley: smile)
  3. hasardeur wrote at 12/10/07 - 04:05:56
    Dieser Fehler kann auch auftreten wenn man ntp verwendet, jedoch in /etc/conf.d/clock UTC als Format verwendet. In diesem Fall hilft nur das setzen von local statt utc. Ich habe keine Ahnung warum oder wieso, aber bei mir hilft nur das...
  4. Fabian F. wrote at 29/11/07 - 16:54:58
    Super Genial. Hat funktioniert. Danke!
  5. Pablo Fredrikson (Website) wrote at 12/07/08 - 20:26:46
    the correct command would be:

    find /etc/{conf.d,init.d} -type f -exec touch {} ;
  6. Jacob wrote at 08/10/08 - 21:33:53
    thank you!
  7. Alberto wrote at 13/10/08 - 10:50:14
    @Pablo Fredrikson:

    i don't think your command is correct. As first specifier "-type f" will exclude all directories like conf.d and init.d and secondly /etc/{conf.d,init.d} path will exclude /etc/rc.conf file.

    Maybe a simple:

    touch /etc/{init.d,conf.d} ; touch /etc/rc.conf

    is a bit more correct.
  8. Alberto wrote at 13/10/08 - 10:51:42
    Ehm (Smiley: bare one's tongue)

    i forgot: touch /etc/{init.d,conf.d}/*

    (Smiley: wink)
  9. Alberto wrote at 13/10/08 - 11:01:41
    Anyway it looks like a baselayout bug:

  10. alex wrote at 27/10/08 - 13:10:15
    es kann auch sein, daß im Bios das Datum falsch eingestellt ist, so war es bei mir zumindest, das Datum stand bei 2000... (Smiley: wink)
  11. Philipp Söhnlein (Website) wrote at 27/10/08 - 13:45:37
    @Alex: Damit sowas nicht passiert, rate ich zur Installation des Paketes ntpdate und anschließend fügst du noch den ntp-client zum Boot-Runlevel hinzu. Dann synchronisiert sich der Rechner von der Uhrzeit her mit dem NTP Server, den du in der /etc/conf.d/ntp-client angegeben hast und du hast immer die 100%ig richtige Uhrzeit.
  12. Roger wrote at 24/05/09 - 06:21:39
    I've been wrestling with gentoo all tonight and all of last night too; this is by far the most straightforward answer I'd got, thank you very much!
  13. sigo wrote at 14/06/09 - 13:20:50
    It's still working. Thank you.
  14. Sasa (Website) wrote at 28/06/09 - 14:26:04

    tnx for the post... it was helpfull

  15. pheise (Website) wrote at 29/08/09 - 04:38:41
  16. Alex wrote at 29/08/09 - 10:03:40
    Danke Danke,
    hat super funktioniert.
    Kein einziger Fehler mehr!

    Beste Grüße
  17. biatch0 wrote at 18/10/09 - 01:41:15
    I keep coming back to your site whenever I do a Gentoo install...

    Thanks :]
  18. elektroglow wrote at 08/12/09 - 23:57:06

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