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Monday, 25. February 2008 - 20:25

Gossip Girl

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Can I series with such dialogs be bad?

Person1: Wait, how can you even have an opinion on Ubuntu if you haven't tried it? 2.6 kernel, Live CD, they even had GNOME 2.0 the day Warty Warthog came out.

Person2: I'm sorry. I'm perfectly content with OS X. I have all the awk/grep-ance that I want without any need for that pitiful font de-uglification.

Person1: But the fonts are de-uglified and it's free. You know, fine, you know live in the dark ages.

Person2: I know what I like and I like what I know.

I think I'll give Gossip Girls a chance, when it's aired here in germany. Because I really want to try the first series, that was able to bring flamewars into the television. (Smiley: grin) That's why I excuse that Gnome 2.8 was shipped with Warty Warthog and not 2.0.

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