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Saturday, 17. June 2006 - 19:27

"Hello world..."

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Everyone who has read farther than the first 20 pages of a book of $programminglanguage knows this sentence already. Hello World. For some strange reasons i never liked that standardexample. Because everyone is using it. I've heard about an author of a programmingbook who was explicitly writing, that he will not use this sentence for the first example. I think i would like this guy. (Smiley: smile)

But i think for my first blogentry it's a compatible headline. I welcome the whole world, the blogosphere, everyone that lost his/her way to this place.

At the beginning of an article should be an abstract, that every interested reader knows what he or she can await. I want to have such an abstract. But it's not so easy. At the moment i don't know what i want to write about. There are many topics in which i'm interested and which define me: Webprogramming, music, networks, movies, technics in general, good books... That are all topics i want to write. I can't say, in which quantity i will attend each topic. The future will show.

I hope, that there are some people out there, that are not confused by this topicmix. I want to make a blog that helps me to live my life in a more sensible way and that finds a favour with someone other.

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  1. Majo wrote at 19/06/06 - 16:18:35

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch erstmal zu deinem eigenen Blog!

    Ich bin stolz, die Erste sein zu dürfen, die hier einen Kommentar abgibt.

    Hmmm... was wünscht man jemandem als Einstieg zu seinem neuen Blog?
    Ich glaub, ich wünsch dir und allen, die hier mal oder auch mal öfters hier vorbei schauen, einfach nur viel Spaß damit (Smiley: smile)
  2. Manu (Website) wrote at 04/09/07 - 00:34:33
    bin grad drauf gekommen... ich musste einfach mal deinen ersten Eintrag lesen (Smiley: smile) (Smiley: smile) (Smiley: smile) (Smiley: smile)

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