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Thursday, 30. August 2007 - 23:00

I plead in mitigation

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Yep, I'm guilty. And the judgement is fair. But, two days without blogging, with my blog. I know that the blogosphere can bear two days without me, and the feed readers out there had one more possibilty to check their error handlers. So, it wasn't too bad, I think. (Smiley: wink)

What happened? I wanted to transfer the database to my new Macbook and I clicked the wrong button in the wrong window. That's it, I admit it, there's no excuse.

Some more details: The las dump i made, was not complete, so I lost the statsdata of the last three months. But I had some luck, because my provider was able to give the last backup, they made. The only problem was, that it was a complete dump and this blog is currently still hosted on a shared hosting server. That means that I couldn't put the whole dump into the database at once. I had to dismember it into pieces of 5000 recordsets per import.

Hope everything is working now and the database server is ok, too. If there're some strange things going on, please make a bugreport to me, ok? The judge said, it's part of the finding…

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