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Tuesday, 20. June 2006 - 00:19

"If you could see me now" from Cecelia Ahern

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

I finished the third novel of one of my favourite authors Cecelia Ahern yesterday afternoon. I loved the first two novels, so i had a certain expectation about "If you could see me now". But this Ahern novel hasn't much a lot in common with the first to acts.


Everyone who is afraid of spoilers should go on on the next part.

Elizabeth Egan is a very disciplined woman. She is living in a small irish town. She has a good job in which she is successful, has a house that she is cleaning more often than i'm forgetting the semicolons at the end of each command, while i'm coding PHP. And believe me, that happens a few times in a day. Elizabeth is a perfectionist and wants to have the controll everytime and everywhere. She is always trying to hide her emotions and secrets. Furthermore she has to take care about her nephew Luke whose mother is a problem for the whole family. As the employed nanny Edith is haveing some weeks of holiday Elizabeth has to take care of look on herself. Problems appear very quickly, at the latest as Luke makes up his own invisible friend called Ivan. Some days later the father of Lukes friend Sam comes in Elizabeths life. As Sams father and Elizabeth like each other more and more Elizabeth starts to feel that she's loosing controll over her life: She's acting completely different, everytime when they are together. She is able to laugh and she can the life like a child. Also he appears everytime right when she is thinking about him. Elizabeth is also happy, that he and Luke sympathise very well. She's is happy since a long time. But Sams dad seems to be too good to be true...


I think the first half of the book was a bit disappointing to me. But draw to close the book is really good. The nice thing on this novel is, that it has a message. At least i think i have read a message. (Smiley: smile) The interesting thing is not to consume something. The interesting thing is when you have something to think about and to remember that you have almost forgotten. That was happening to me here. Cecelia Ahern describes a quite gawky woman who has enough problems, but she can't really solve these to go on living her life. Over the course of the book she's getting into more and more situations in which shes feeling like a child. Without problems, happy, protected. I think, that's something we all should do more often: Just be foolish, have a look on the world like a child, show your cold-shoulder to the "important" things and do what you want to do. It doesn't matter how crazy or childish you think it is. Give yourself more Jinny-Joes and more cloud-image-guess.

As i mentioned at the beginning, i loved the first two novels of Cecilia Ahern. "P.S. I love you" is my favorite book beside "Q2" from Peter David. I bought "If you could see me now" right at the day it was released. But i wanted to keep back the book for a special time. So i had the according expectations. I was a bit disappointed, at least at the first part of the book. I think the Elizabeth of the first third is just a too flat character to me. To straight and without surprises. Perhaps that was intention of Cecelia Ahern, so she can flourish the character a lot better later the course of the book.
Furthermore i was expecting to much something like a love-novel, like the first both were. Although i can expect that the author will improve and develop her style of course. After i was realising these two point, the story was really good in it's own character. Although in my opinion the first two Aherns were better.


At the end i can only say, that Ahern made a really nice and thoughtfully novel. It doesn't play on one's hearts strings like the both forerunner have done. I'll give a point minus, because for my flavour the story is sliding into a too fictitous way. Although, the book gets 3.5 of 5 points.

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  1. Issy.... wrote at 29/07/06 - 05:16:21
    if Ivan was my immaginary friend and started going out with my step mum i would not be as kool as Luke was when he found out. Also why was Ivan drawn to Elizabeth? she was an organised, BORING person who only wantedd to clean.
  2. Patricia wrote at 01/12/07 - 16:22:18
    Hi zusammen,

    naja ich finde die ersten zwei Bücher besser. Das dritte Buch find ich einbisschen langweilig.
  3. nancy wrote at 23/03/09 - 21:08:53
    ich fand das buch richtig gut...kommt wohl daher dass ich die vorherigen nicht gelesen habe....ich finde die geschichte wirklich gut geschrieben....das thema regt auch sehr zum nachdenken an und das finde ich wirklich gut (Smiley: wink)
  4. Leyla wrote at 30/04/09 - 15:59:33
    Also für mich ist das Buch das Beste..ich fidns besser als Ps ich liebe dich.
    Ja am anfang ist es bisschen langweilig..aber später wo SIE IVAN sieht..ist das so schön...ab da habe ich fast nur noch rum geheult..als SIE IVAN nicht merh sehen konnte.wo Ivan sich von ihr verabschiedet hat als sie schlief und DER KUSS und die Geschichte von Opal und Als Elizabeth heulent zu ihr Vater rennt...Einfach nur WUNDER WUNDERSCHÖÖN
  5. E1sbrecher wrote at 16/11/09 - 10:25:41
    Hat jemand dieses Buch im Deutschen?
  6. Andreas wrote at 26/08/12 - 02:54:18
    ich denke ich werde
    dieses Buch kaufen. Es sieht sehr interessant aus.

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