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Saturday, 02. February 2008 - 16:00

In the supermarket

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Fortunately there's not much going on in the supermarket on a saturday afternoon. So I had only three people in front of me at the cashpoint: A young guy and two hard to classify the age women, that were only able to talk with dancing hands.

I recognized both before, when I was standing by the butchery and they were by a rack near me, “discussing” what kind of sausage they are going to buy.
So, as I said, I met them at cash point again and they were paying at this moment and then they wanted to tell the till girl something, but she didn't understand.

As the communication problem was seemingly solved, the girl – I'm not sure if she talked to herself or to the guy in front of me – said I wanna learn that language, too when I have lot of time left.

The young man didn't say a word, he just smiled silently. But I saw it in his eyes, that he really wanted to answer something. Something like Don't we all say that we want to learn something sometime? or Yes, I always wished I could talk like this, too.
But he was only paying his 3.67 bugs and took leave with a short mute nod, because he too grew obviously up in a world, in which it seems to often to be better, when you just shut up and stay in the background…

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  1. fragless (Website) wrote at 04/02/08 - 16:02:12
    also bei uns haben die supermärkte jetzt auch früher (0700 statt 0800) auf - und fr/sa länger (20 statt 19 und 18 statt 17 uhr) ... und wenn man um die zeiten einkauft ist auch immer tote hose - scheinbar bleibt der großteil beim altgewohnten ...
    und dass deutsch immer mehr zur fremdsprache wird ist leider auch so ... und mit den kassiererinnen kann mann und frau großteils nett plaudern (merkt man an 2wenn ich einmal viel zeit habe, lerne ich diese sprache auch"(Smiley: wink)
    und jetzt noch schnell ein liter milch fuer phil's blog kaufen =)
  2. fragless (Website) wrote at 04/02/08 - 16:03:14
    und bei deinem blog kommt gerade ziemlich oft die meldung
    The service is not available. Please try again later.
    echt nervig
  3. Phillipp Söhnlein (Website) wrote at 06/02/08 - 13:14:29
    Ich glaube der Text wahr wohl zu subtil...

    Wegen dem "Service not available": Webhostone hat gerade Probleme, da die von außen wohl momentan einer größeren Zahl an Angriffen ausgesetzt sind. Deshalb gibt es hier hin und wieder Funktionsstörungen.

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