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Thursday, 14. June 2007 - 21:32

JavaScript: get_class

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

 * Returns the name of the class of an object
 * NOTE: This function doesn't work with 'native code', only with user generated classes.
 * based on http://magnetiq.com/2006/07/10/finding-out-class-names-of-javascript-objects/
 * @param object The object
 * @returns mixed Returns the name of the class of which object is an instance. Returns FALSE if object is not an object.
function get_class(obj)
	if(obj && obj.constructor && obj.constructor.toString)
		var arr = obj.constructor.toString().match(/function\s*(\w+)/);
		return (arr && (arr.length==2?arr[1]:undefined));
		return undefined;
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