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Wednesday, 23. August 2006 - 21:13

Massive Nerd Mode

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

<?php $status=50; $now=mktime(21,13,42,8,23,2006); $scene->set_time($now); $human->set_name="Me"; if($human->get_classification()==="geek") { do { $progress=programm_website(); if($progress===false) { $human->sleep(21600); continue; } }while($status<=100); } else { $human->do_something_relaxing(); } function programm_website() { global $human; global $status; while($status<100) { $human->programm_website(); if($human->get_status()==="hungry") { $human->change_mode("massive_nerd"); $human->eat("pizza"); continue; } elseif($human->get_status()==="tired") { $status+=0.005; continue; } elseif($human->get_status()==="really_tired") { return false; } $status+=0.01; } return true; } ?>
Damn, grease Spots on my keyboard again. Fucking Pizza...

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