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Wednesday, 13. June 2007 - 00:07

Mini-Introduction to objectorientated javascript

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

function class()
	this.foo='foo';			//public member
	var bar='bar';			//private member
	alert("I'm a contstructor.");
	this.baz=function ()		//public method
		alert(bar);		//accessing private member
		alert(this.foo);	//accessing public member
		bam();			//calling private method
	function foba()
		alert("I'm so public");
	var bam=function()		//private method
	alert("I'm still a contstructor.");

var c=new class();

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  1. Sebastian (Website) wrote at 16/03/09 - 10:58:45
    Superhilfe, endlich mal ein Beispiel für objectorientiertes Javascript, das man versteht. Kurz, knapp ... super


  2. Ethel wrote at 26/10/10 - 15:32:48
    Dito! Danke

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