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Friday, 23. June 2006 - 00:59

My Blog rules

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Even when the www is a very free area, one needs rules (like in real life) so that the "living together" can work. The people of the usenet have then already detected this and they developed the netiquette thereupon. So that this blog works I have made myself a small list of blog rules.

This rules shoud help me and you so that the blog will become the small cute corner of the web, in whose everyone feels comforable and in good hands.
I see everyone that is visiting this site and likes the content of it, as my guest. But I think, that a guest should advice the host if there are any nuisances. If I break my own rules, I would be thankful, if someone tells me that.
Here are my rules, that are applicable and important to me:

  • Take the time

    Like all locations, on that one feels comfortable, one should take the time to read and write here. But your favorite place can't help you to relax, if you stay there just for a few minutes. So please take the time. Very important.

  • Respect

    Please have an eye at a respectful contact. Have respect for this blog, the people who write and read here, the feelings, the technics, the nature and "the big question". (Smiley: smile) We are all just human, can have a bad day and make failures. So please no arguments or other unrespectful acts. Always remember that there's just another human on the other site of the web.

  • No Linkcollection

    This blog shouldn't become a collection of links. It may be, that I'll drop a link sometimes. But I'll try to observe that these link are really just the perls of the internet.

  • Don't disturb the discussion with insentinent posts

    So that the discussions stays alive and to prevent the comment sections from mutating to offtopic-spam-sections, I plead every reader to omit insentinent posts.

  • Spelling

    One should observe the spelling. Of course that doesn't mean that you have to check all of your words with an spellingprogram or that you have to look for every fifth word in a dictionary. But I think the observation of the basic rules of spelling is important for a better readability. And so the specific post will be surely a better contribution to the discussion.

  • Source declaration

    If foreign textparts or quotes are mentioned here, a link or a source declaration must be there. That's for giving our contribution to the original authors.

  • Realnames

    In my opinion the use of the real name belongs to the integrity. I'm posting only with my realname, as well as here and in the rest of the internet. It will be nice if we can keep this here. Of course there are cases in which one want to appear in a more anonymly way. In such case it's of course allowed to post under a pseudonym. But consider that because you're writing under a pseudonym you can't act completely different and don't think that the other rules are not valid for you.

To close I want to say, that the comments are not checked before they are published (in difference of my articles here (Smiley: smile)). The comments appear directly. I reserve the right to remove comments that do not belong here. That doesn't mean that I practise censorship here, but there are cases in that I have to protect myself (for example if someone links to a doubtful source).

I hope, I haven't scared anyone with these rules. "Rules", that sounds so dusty, dry and unmodern...
Feel free to post suggestions, enhancements or other comments.

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