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Tuesday, 01. August 2006 - 22:40

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 [Update]

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

In fact I wanted to write a small review about the movie “Pirates of the caribbean 2” I saw on the weekend. But, why should I? Do I have to write about everything I've experienced? Should I sacrifice the half of an evening for writing about a such bad movie? A movie that consists of a strange and unsuitable mix of comedy, action- and horror-elements, so it seems that the creators of the movie couldn't decide what genre they wanted to do. A movie from which you can see that it has much (perhaps too much) budget, that was needlessly pumped in computer generated animations? A movie that surely has more than 1000 male actors, but only insists about 5 female actors, that all (Keira Knightley included) are acting too “unmodern” (yes, I mean he scene in which Elizabeth simulates the dizzy spell)? I should sacrifice time to a movie, that has a big and complex story, that has already appeared to be to lengthy to me in the cinema? Well... in fact I've done this right now. Crud!

Okay, in summary: “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” is in my eyes not a good movie. The first part of the trilogy may have reasonably been ok and I think the story is not bad, but the realisation is too boring and too much in “James Bond-style”. Every action scene has just another superlative more, that makes the scene more unrealistic and forced. The inserted humour is good, but it seems also too forced, too. Though I've never seen a James Bond movie, but I think they are like “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”. And that's the reason why I'll stay away from Bond movies and from the third part of the trilogy

Addition: The german movie rating (free for children in the age of 12 and above) is a joke and should be highered to the next step.

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