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Friday, 08. September 2006 - 00:49

"The Wedding" from Nicholas Sparks

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Is it real? The “Sincere Amore”, like it is called at Caroline in the City? The never ending love, that is never called into question? Is it possible that ones is as happy as newly lovers?
These question are the main theme in the novel “The Wedding” from Nicholas Sparks, the author that is particularly known because of his two picturised acts “Message in a Bottle” and “The Notebook”

Photo of the Bookcover


Wilson and Jane are married since 29 years, have three children and their own house. Actually everything is okay, until Wilson forgets even this 29th wedding anniversary. From that time, Jane is acting different and Wilsons has his doubts, whether his wife generally loves him. He would do everything to save his wedlock, but he felt denied by Jane. Unfortunately it's not the only one problem Wilson has to fight against: His son Joseph, who let Jane live some days by him, asks him about this story, the family is afraid because of Janes father and Anna, the oldest daughter, wants to marry short-dated, so Janes father can enjoy such a festival once again. But Wilson don't want to give up and fights desperately to save his marriage, until he's having an idea...


This book was the first “sentimal” one, that I read since a long time. I don't know how Sparks is doing it, but his stories make one always thinking and create the really important feelings in me. In this book I liked the perspective most. It's not a absolute monologue, but a big part of the story is made with anecdotes and narratives, which explains how the relationship between Jane and Wilson was accomplished and how the first 29 years in the wedlock were. This part of the book is very important, because you get to know the main characters and you identify with them. That's one of the big benefits of the story: Actually it's about a problem, that is perhaps fobbed off with a thought like “Well, an old married couple, of course there's nothing interesting after such a long time.” But Sparks is telling in a way that even young readers like me can identify with it. It’s not important, that the main characters are married for almost 30 years. It’s about, that you always have to fight for your relationship, you should never lose sight of it and you shouldn’t become too easy going with it.

In other respects the story offers you few till barely surprising turnarounds, but therefor more interesting histories with a lot “Think-about-” and “sympathy-potential”. I felt comfortable with the story line, because the descripted circumstances are very realistic in my opinion. It’s not about some kind of detached relationship with wild adventures. I can easily imagine the frame or the environment in which the story grows, because it’s not so different from my lifestyle, my feelings and myself. It’s easy to read it and with the amount of 304 pages (german Version, Weltbild-Edition) I felt, that the story has the absolute correct length.


“The Wedding” was the third Sparks book, that I’ve read. And with that work Sparks has definitely made into my list of my absolute favorit authors (actually this list contains Cecelia Ahern, Peter David and now Nicolas Sparks). You’ll get the common load of an emotional story, moxed with the right amount of down-home and a little spoon of drama.
Final Rating: 4 of 5 points. And everyone who loved “The Notebook” in the same way I have can add another half point, because he/she will find known passages (Hint! Hint! (Smiley: grin)).

This article was posted in english on 10th of September 2006. Due to technical system attributes the displayed date of this post is the date of the original artice, that was written in german.

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  1. Helen wrote at 07/02/08 - 17:14:41
    When is Nicholas Sparks New book coming out? The last book I read was The Choice.
  2. Philipp Söhnlein (Website) wrote at 09/02/08 - 17:48:55
    Hey Helen,

    "The Choice" ist the most recent book Nicholas Sparks wrote and I have no news for you, when the next one will come out.


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