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Friday, 16. March 2007 - 00:32

Whereof you recognize a Systemadministrator?

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Today: The freezing Sysadmin

You are a sysadmin, when you turn on your compiler, because the fring is working in 'idle mode' in your room.

You are a better sysadmin, when you take some big packets on purpose, because you don't have to have a look at the compiler too often, so you have time for the important things.

You are a much better sysadmin, when you take the compiler process to the server, so you have more free resources on your computer, for the important things, like Q3A for example.

You are a genius sysadmin, when you put the process on the whole cluster and you take another server to do his job as a “Dedi” and then tell your fellows via chat your problem. You will be warmed up within two minutes.

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  1. David (Website) wrote at 18/03/07 - 16:23:24
    Das erinnert mich so an meinen Chemie-Lehrer: Immer wenn's im Raum scheinekalt war, hat er an jedem Tisch Brenner anschmeißen lassen und 5 Minuten später war's ok.

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