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Monday, 14. May 2007 - 12:53

Which programming language are you?

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

I'm LISP. This test says that at least.

Very few people like you (Probably because you use too many parenthesis (You better stop it (Really)))

Could be true, I'm really nesting too much with parenthesis.

I'm curious what my fellow is saying about that.

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  1. Manu wrote at 15/05/07 - 19:41:43
    coole idee so mach ich das auch (hoffentlich lässt du kein htmlentities drüber laufen^^

    Manueller Trackback:
  2. Manu (Website) wrote at 15/05/07 - 19:43:59
    na gut, dann eben ein strip_tags (Smiley: sad)

    ne Vorschau wär jetzt super gewesen ^^
  3. Philipp Söhnlein (Website) wrote at 15/05/07 - 22:44:41
    Du kennst meine Einstellung zu Vorschauen ja.
    Rest bei dir im Block
  4. tkorrovi wrote at 25/10/07 - 14:38:55
    Write your own programming language, now you can do it in no time at all, the compiler for actsl is less than 300 lines of C code. Sorry, not Lisp... Actsl is also like kind of opposite, as it has no parentheses, and even no semicolons... You may find it in comp.compilers, as i doubt that any longer link here can anyhow appear in its full length... Well, down with doctrines, the programming language must come from the properties of the computer

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