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Monday, 26. March 2007 - 21:22

“A Bend in the road” by Nicholas Sparks

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Sparks goes murder mystery. Lovestory meets site of crime. – With words like these the fifth novell of Nicholas Sparks can be described. I've read the book and wrote my thoughts about it down.

Photo of the book


Miles Ryan lost his wife Missy two years ago, because of a car accident with absconding. Since then the deputy sheriff of the little town in north carolina can't find his inner peace. Merely his nine year old son Jonah brings Miles to feel live as something positiv.

At the beginning of the second schoolyear Jonahs new teacher Sarah wants to speak with Miles about the academic performances of his sohn. As Sarah is offering private lessons for Jonah, not only Sarah and Jonah become friends but also Miles and Sarah are getting closer, become friends and are finally a couple.

But one day, Miles is rolling up the case of Missys accident again and not only this, but also another discover is bringing a hard challenge for this new love...


What should I write? In comparison to the last Sparks novel I read there were not much new things:

  • The story is more foreseeable as else.
  • Especially in the first half of the book everything sounds like the nice love novell, you wish.
  • The book is a very easy read. You can read it relaxed and uncomplicated.

Merely the rash into the murder mystery direction is not imperative expected, though one has steady a “Something is going to go on”-feeling. That's not made really good or bad, it's just something different and it makes some difference. But it doesn't left you back with the feeling of a genius, inspiring or reflective making novel, like the other storys Sparks is generally telling.


The 320 pages of the german version are the right for a calm, relaxing reading day or for a nice holiday week. But there are better stories out there, even from the same author. That's why I'm giving a average rating for an average book: 2.5 of 5 points.

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