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Archive - October 2006

Tuesday, 31. October 2006

Grrrrrr - Commentspam


It was so clear, no sooner I'm moving, the commentspam is spreading from one entry to all the others. I deleted a lot of “comments” some minutes ago. Sorry, it's all I can do at the moment, because I don't have the time to do code some counter measures. It's possible, that I'll deactivate the comments for some time. Like I said, when there is more time...

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Friday, 27. October 2006

Now I need...


...loud, dramatic, classical music.
No good sign...

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Thursday, 26. October 2006

What Sports Car Should You Drive?


Another test:

You Should Drive a BMW.
Bild eines BMWs
Refined and classy, you want a car that looks rich... and goes fast!

Well, not really... :-/

[via Conny]

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Thursday, 19. October 2006

Thunderbird is lying is absolutely correct [Update]


Why does my Thunderbird under Linux actually tell me No running windows found when I'm starting it? (Smiley: wink)

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Puzzle the other way


Everyone who has some time left and need a antivirus software, can try to solve the puzzle from the 1000th post of the F-Secure Antivirus Research Lab Weblogs. It took some time for me, but it was fun. (Smiley: smile)

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No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.


Okay, I blogged enough “fun-stuff” today yesterday. It's time for more serious content now.

I found the following video a couple of hours ago. Actually there's no need to comment it. Just watch it, think about it and let yourself and your maybe existing daughters become influenced by it.


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Wednesday, 18. October 2006

What do you see by looking on this picture?


Dubios Logo

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May I introduce Steve Ballmer to you?


Recently we had a kind of “Best of Steve Ballmer”-competition in firm. Of course I don't want to keep it back for you:

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Thursday, 12. October 2006

Which Maoam Package I should take?


srand((double)microtime()*1000000); $key=rand(0,2); $maoams[0]="red"; $maoams[1]="yellow"; $maoams[2]="orange"; echo $maoams[$key];

Okay, it was the yellow one... *schmacking*

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Monday, 09. October 2006

"Spectre" from William Shatner


Finally I have time to blog some lines so I'll post one of the book reviews, that are pipelined here. There are two other read books here, that are waiting for a rating. Because of this, I almost hadn't the heart to start reading a new book.
The first book I want to review this time is “Spectre” written by William Shatner. The book is the first one of another trilogy and it isn't the follower of “The ashes of Eden” like I adopted untruly.

Photo of the book cover

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Wednesday, 04. October 2006

For the hungry webdeveloper


body { pudding-left: 10cm; } /* thanks to gorbi */

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Recent acoustic enchantment

Clare Burson - Love Me In The Morning

Random Thought

Framerate is life.

Change the emotion

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