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Monday, 09. October 2006 - 23:06

"Spectre" from William Shatner

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Finally I have time to blog some lines so I'll post one of the book reviews, that are pipelined here. There are two other read books here, that are waiting for a rating. Because of this, I almost hadn't the heart to start reading a new book.
The first book I want to review this time is “Spectre” written by William Shatner. The book is the first one of another trilogy and it isn't the follower of “The ashes of Eden” like I adopted untruly.

Photo of the book cover


Kirk has settled down on Chal and he doesn't want to know anything about new technology and new adventures. At least he want to believe in that and he's trying to ease into his new easy life. But everyone who saw an episode with Kirk knows that this 180 degree turn can't work. To find his inner piece and to make a decision between this easy life on Chal and his adventure-beeing in space he is travelling to earth and gets into his next adventure (of course). He is kidnapped and he is brought to the moon. The most interesting point are his kidnappers: Spock and Kathryn Janeway.


Everyone who saw the TOS-episode “Mirror, Mirror” knows that the mirror universe has a major role in the story of the book, just by having a look on the book cover. I think that's a good approach, the episode and the concepts behind that idea were always popular in the fandom. Shatner is making a good job so it's not just a story like all the others, it's more like a whole epic, that isn't just including two different universes it's also including characters of three Star Trek series. That's what I really like, even if it's mainly limited to the captains of the corresponding non TOS-series.

There are not much things to criticise. The story is well sophisticated and properly always enthralling. All characters are well portrayed, but you can notice, that the strengths of the authors are in the TOS-era. Riker is for instance a bit “wooden”, similar to the Riker of the first TNG season.
Unfortunately the parallel-universe-affectations was getting on my wick a little bit. Not much, but it was. The idea has its potential but the actually the whole story was built on this idea, there are not much B-Plots that are interesting by theirselfs. And I think that the idea with the parallel universe acted a bit too TOS-like and out of fashion to me. The ending wasn't really surprising, but it came with the thought Oh no, he has really done it?. It's a nice cliffhanger into the next book, but it disagrees with the part one has read before and it's however too foreseeable.


The first part of the trilogy is 456 pages long (german version). That means, that you'll get 456 pages full of good, exciting and well though-out Star Trek entertainment. But there's nothing more.
That's the reason why I'm giving exactly 3 of 5 points.

To be fair, I think it's importaint to mention, that the real authors are Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

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