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Friday, 01. September 2006 - 01:04

"The Ashes of Eden" from William Shatner

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Besides reference books and books that make me thinking and/or crying, I like novels which take place in the Star Trek universe. Recently I have read such a novel, namely “The ashes of Eden” written by William Shatner. Shatner is known by most people in the role of James T. Kirk from the first Star Trek series and the first 7 Star Trek movies. His Star Trek novels belong to the most popular and most selling “of their kind” (Hint! Hint! (Smiley: grin)). “The Ashes of Eden” is the first part of a trilogy and it starts chronologically afer the incidents of Star Trek 6.

Photo of the book


Like everytime, I don't have the intent to give something away, but I'm giving a spoiler warning as a precaution here.

Like I said, the story takes plays after the sixth movie. Kirk has retired and the others of the Enterprise crew are either in the same situation or they make their own missions. As it was hinted in the seventh movie, Kirk is bored – he's feeling old and useless. He's annoyed about starfleet, too, especially since his old “fellow” Drake is the new main commander of starfleet. So Kirk decides to leave the fleet and now he is more bored than ever before. But he is visited by a mystic foreign woman. She is asking him for help, because there are big problems on her planet, which only Kirk can solve. Furthermore Kirk is fascinated by that woman, so he felt in love with her and (of course) he wants the help her and her planet. He's blinded by his new love and his courage to face life, that he doesn't notice that he seems to be only a part of a complot.


The first Star Trek novel that I have ever read was written by Peter David. Since then I have only read Star Trek books from him. Because the availbableness of his (at least german) material isn't endless, I had to search for an other Trek novel. After I wasn't very satisfied with “To storm heaven” by Esther Friesner, I was really happy, when I noticed, that the Shatner novels are not bad and that they're not standing in the book stores because of the authors name. To say it in short words: I was rather enthused from that book! Of course it's a Shatner novel and so it's very Kirk-driven. But there are enough indirectnesses on the whole Star Trek universe and the Star Trek history.
The story isn't plane but quite sophisticated and traceable. Actually it's all inside: Philosophical, Love, Friendship, some Action (not so much as it is at Peter David!), Tension and even a little bit eroticism. I was really impressed, that I especially in the first chapters of the book felt sorry with Kirk and sometimes I was feeling old myself, so good and authentic were the thoughts of Kirk written.


I really enjoyed the almost 400 pages book (it was the german version of the book) and it has everything I expect from a good Star Trek novel. My rating is fixed to 4 from 5 points.
I can't give the full score, because I was able to find a brilliancy in the best works of Peter David, that is lacking in this story. But not every book can have such a sophisticated, complex and ingenious story, as it was the case in Q2 for example.

Of course I should mention, that Shatner hasn't written the novel alone but together with the author couple Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

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  1. x wrote at 28/09/07 - 11:24:30
    ichg finde es toll
  2. anonym wrote at 28/09/07 - 11:26:43
    es ist toll das william shatneer so viel in seinem leben erreicht hat! er wurde berühmt als schauspieler und schrieb dann auch noch bücher und sang!
    heute lebt er mit seiner frau elizabeth shatner in amerika und genießt sein leben mit den pferden die er trainiert!
    hoffentlich bleibt er noch lange glücklich!
    er ist einfach genial
  3. Philipp Söhnlein (Website) wrote at 28/09/07 - 13:56:08
    Naja, ob man das wirklich Gesang nennen konnte, was Shatner auf seinen Alben fabriziert hat, bezweifle ich stark.

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