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Archive - April 2007

Saturday, 21. April 2007

Cinema at geeks-have-feelings-too.net


Because I'm watching a movie on a big screen tonight, I'm presenting you another great video.

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23: #7


The first version of my list of website-basecomponents has exactly 23 points.

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Websiteconcepts: The first steps [Update]


When creating a concept for a new website or for a relauch it can be helpful, to have a list of “base components” first, sp you can go through it and you have to just “tick off” the points, of which you think, that they will apply for that job. You'll get ideas very fast and you'll get a rough direction or some possibilites for suggestions. When you're creating a possible structure of the web presence, this can help you to.

That's the reason why I'm posting my list, that I'm using. If anyone has additional ideas, suggestions or comment, go on and post them.

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“Avenger” by William Shatner


All good things are generally known three. Maybe that's the reason why trilogies are so popular? And maybe that's the reason why these last parts are mostly something special? If that appears to the first Star Trek novel trilogy of William Shatner, too? Let's see.

Photo of the book cover

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Is the domain nuqneh.com (or .de or what ever) too complicated?

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Tuesday, 17. April 2007

Alarm Clock for Geeks


Problems waking up? Not with Clocky anymore.

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Trusted Computing


If one of germans most popular blogger can post an rather old video ((Smiley: wink)), then I take this as a reason to post some videos in the comming days, I wanted to post anyway. These videos are sometimes also not the newest, but the most of them have an important message and are simply just cool videos.

The start is taken by the popular Trusted Computing Video by Benjamin Stephan and Lutz Vogel (Attention, Flash alert). Though the TCPA hasn't hit us, in the bad way we expected, it doesn't mean, that we've won the battle. So we have to fight again against lot of plans of the (content-)industry, not to loose the control over our devices. That's what this video is about.

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Thursday, 12. April 2007

Correct Typography: Horizontal ellipsis, the three dots


Wrong: Hello you..., This is a [...] example quote.

Correct: Hello you, This is a [] example quote.

The coressponding unicode- or enitity-notation is: … or …

The horizontal ellipsis is very popular in Word, too, because the programm is converting three points automatically to …. This can cause to problem when copy and pasting text from word into a CM-System that can't handle recieved unicode signs.

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Once when...


...my mother is writing an email to me, it's classified as spam. *grrr* *grumble*

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Correct Typography: Multiplikation [Update 2]


Wrong: 100x100 mm, 2x3, 4x speed

Correct: 100×100 mm. 2×3. 4×speed

The corresponding unicode- or entitiy-notation is: × or ×

I should pay more attention on such entity-lists.

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Wednesday, 11. April 2007

Resize images automatically


The blog as notebook:

for i in *.jpg ; do convert $i -resize 50% thumbs/$i ; done


for i in *.jpg ; do convert $i -resize 1024x768 thumbs/$i ; done

Needed: bash, imagemagick

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phil@enterprise-c ~/tmp $ zip -rv test.zip * adding: IMG_0150.JPG.........zip I/O error: No space left on device zip error: Output file write failure (write error on zip file) phil@enterprise-c ~ $ df -h /home Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/hda5 69G 65G 19M 100% /home
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Wednesday, 04. April 2007

Keri Noble News: MySpace and Tour


One of my actual favorite musicians Keri Noble (according to The Californian the next Joni Mitchell!)has a MySpace Page since the beginning of april. That's inherently not a special thing, but that means, that we can hope of new song material released in the player on her page. Currently there are three songs, I didn't know before and especially “Hey Lover” is really nice! It's a bit away from the jazz piano ballads she's usually doing, but it's not mainstream. If you liked “I won't” on the first album, you have to listen to “Hey Lover”!

The second news: Keri is playing some shows in London. That's still (too) far away, but it's a good sign and means that she doesn't avoid europe like some other musicians I really want to see live (like Jewel or Dar Williams). Keri, Germany is waiting for you! (Smiley: smile)

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My webspace provider, on which this blog is hosted at, was so nice and upgraded my packet for free. So now I have SSH access and therefore I can have cronjobs. So I swaped the parts in which external data was loaded on each page reload into a simple include. The actual loading of the data is made asynchron via some cronjobs. I hope the performance enhancement is noticeable and you can now enjoy this blog more, even if the loading time isn't at the optimum yet.

PS: The linking of the providers is not meant as a recommendation. I mentioned it because of completeness.

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“The Return” by William Shatner


“The Return” is the second novel of the first Shatner-trilogy (review of the first novel) and the story plays directly after Star Trek 7. With this Shatner is going into a dangerous area, because Kirk is actually dead and he needs to create not only a good but also an authentic “future” of his alter ego. How Shatner was solving this job? You know after you read this review...

Photo of the book cover

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Tuesday, 03. April 2007

Open Link in New Tab


Foto of a washertab

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Andromeda DVD comes


Yipieeeee: According to their website Andromeda is releasing their first Live DVD “Playing off the Board” on 10th of april (european release date).

/me is looking for an ordering form...

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Recent acoustic enchantment

Clare Burson - Love Me In The Morning

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