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Archive - September 2007

Friday, 28. September 2007

Scrennsaver as Wallpaper in Mac OS X


Works with that line:
/System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ScreenSaverEngine.app/Contents/MacOS/ScreenSaverEngine -background

Please do not comment about the sense of it. I just don't wanted to let this line go away without noting it somewhere. And the line looked sooo sweet to me. And yes, I tried it once. *blushing*

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Schizophrenic Webserver


Most people know that the usual beginner-webspace-products out there are so called shared hosting server. That means you're sharing the webserver with a number of other customers of your provider.

For everyone who wants meet these other “persons” that live in the same “body”, you can check your domain at myIPneighbors and have a look to your fellows.

[ via script-artists.de ]

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Thursday, 27. September 2007

If you…


…recognize a Skype ID for a short time in the email signature of a customer, you can envision how the security consciousness of the administrators is there… *headshaking*

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Tuesday, 25. September 2007

Moving finished [Update]


All clear. Everything seems fine. And faster, too. Great, I'm happy!

Update: After turning off the register_globals option, the language- and the styleswitcher is working again.

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Your gateway sucks


Again, there's a nice example, why I love to be a geek. Because, which other group is allowed to use such a language (like the following) in really important documents (in this case it's the Pure-FTPd documentation)?

If Netscape clients can connect without any problem, your NAT gateway rulez. If Netscape doesn't display directory listings, your NAT gateway sucks. Use '-N' as a workaround.

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Monday, 24. September 2007

Moving Announcement


This Blog is moving to another server moving this week, so there may be some short failures.

No helpers are needed, everything is quite compact here. Merely the MySQL database must be splitted in multiple boxes, but that's no problem.

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Tuesday, 18. September 2007

Getting access to CSS pseudo classes with DOM [Update]


If you need to do that (like me, currently), you should have a look at the DOM Stylesheet Object.

There's also a good german article that doesn't read like a (incomplete) specification on dadabase.de.

Update: You probably already guessed, that the biggest problem is the compatibility. Quirksmode.org has again a great overview what is working in which way in a certain browser.

A specific application case could be the following: You have to remove some pseudo classes (hovers, for example, if you want to enhance a suckerfish navigation). It's the easiest way, to put the CSS directives into an extra file and disable this file completely, with DOM (myStylesheet.disabled=true;).

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Thursday, 06. September 2007

Isn't he cute? [Update]


USB Hub in manikin shape. The legs are the input sockets

…even if it isn't full speed USB 2.0 capable.

Update: Oh, well, I should mention, that it is an USB Hub.

[ Via Geeksugar ]

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Wednesday, 05. September 2007

42 Mac days


It feels like it was yesterday, but it's really about one month ago I got the device I'm writing this words. Of course I'm talking about my favourite and newest toy, my black Macbook and the time has come to make a first conclusion.

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Tuesday, 04. September 2007

Review: Lisa Chappell - When then is now


Lisa Chappell is mostly known as actress. Her most popular role here in Germany was the Claire McLeod of the series “McLeod's Daughters”. On her first music album you can make sure, that the nice lady from New Zealand is not just a good singer, but also has a real talent in songwriting, too .

Photo of the CD cover]

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