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Thursday, 06. July 2006 - 21:27

How the software industry works

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

I found the text called “How the software industry works” some months ago and I wanted to post it in my blog later. So, here it is.

Are you asking yourself why I wanted to post this piece of text? Because it's true! Of course it's humoristic, too. But it's a really good piece of satire.

Thanks to Al Lowe, the writer of text. Perhaps the “older readers” know him as the maker of the “Leisure Suit Larry”-series. He allowed me to translate the text in german. You can find the translated version here.

Please have a look at the other stuff of Als site. It's one of the better fun sites of the Web and it includes much geek content, too!

And remember: Geeks - All they ever think of is hex!

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