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Wednesday, 09. May 2007 - 21:00

If Linux distributions were women: Part 2 [Update 2]

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

function main() { $m=new MediaObject(); $s1=$m->loadSound("fanfare.ogg"); $s2=$m->loadSound("applause.ogg"); $m->playSound($s1); sleep(1); $m->playSound($s2,"fade-in"); }

Entertainer: After the big success of “If Linux Distributions were womengrindblog.de and geeks-have-feelings-too.net present the second part of this series. Have a lot of fun during the show.


Of course, in the past everyone was at least momentary fancie her, but her best times are gone and she's struggling of every spark of attention now. But it seems, that there are still people who are bewitched by her french accent, her club and her make-up.


Arisen from a rich nobility family, she's rich in tradition too, puts on old values and is generous. Her occasional parades and public ostentations are quite popular in the audience, albeit there're just a few people who commission completely into the duty of the majesty.

GParted LiveCD

If there's a fire in your appartment or you want to reconvert something, she is always offering her help. Sometimes you think, she knows your sectors better than you do, that's why there's no corner that is taboo for her. Unfortunately she isn't always perfect and that's why sometimes the one or the other bit disappears during the cleaning process.
In these cases you're feeling like back in the days, when you lived together with your mum.


As you started to be interested in girls Susi Slackware was that, you had your first experiences with. Everything was new and awfully complicated, but all you learned with her, you could reuse on every other woman after.


She really reminds you on your friend Susi Slackware from the elementary school. You played always pacman with her – and other games. Somehow she never really fledged.

Yellow Dog Linux

The women with the yellow pet animal does it not with everyone. If you are not exactly a (graphic-)designer or someone eccentric, she doesn't join on you at all. By now she's attracted by gamers with much much money in the purse.

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  1. Jan Krings wrote at 24/05/07 - 18:11:11
    Super weitergeführt. Weiter so (Smiley: wink)

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