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Sunday, 26. August 2007 - 15:44

“Star Trek - The first adventure” by Vonda N. McIntyre out of the german omnibus volume “ Star Trek –Die Anfänge (The Incipiencies)”

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Star Trek novels are most fun, when they try to answer questions that a trekkie always had on his mind: What happened with Kirk between The undiscovered Country and Generations? How was the first year of the Enterprise-E in which the ship was just hunting comets, like LaForge said? And what kind of person was Captain Pike, before he was forced to use the modern version of a wheelchair?

With the omnibus volume “Star Trek – Die Anfänge (The Incipiencies)” there're three novels in one volume, which try to describe the time before the first five years mission of the Enterprise and Captain Kirk. This review is about the first 500 pages, that are known as “The first adventure” written by Vonda N. McIntyre.

Photo of the book


The strory starts right before Kirk is starting his duty as the new Captain of the Enterprise. One finds out, that there's was a cruel space battle some months ago, in which Kirk got hurt very hard, so he had to stay a lot of time in some kind of regeneration gel. His best friend Gary Mitchell, who is wanted to become the new first officer of the Enterprise, was in that fight, too, but he was more harmed than Kirk.

Kirk is looking forward to his new command, but he's also a bit concered who the crew will react on him, because he finds out very quickly, that they're all missing the old Captain Christopher Pike.

But there's no time for thoughts about human feelings, because the Enterprise encounters a huge mysterical unknown ship near the klingon frontier. And the Klingons are not just sitting around and wait what's going on.


As a matter of principle I'm sceptical, if a novel has more than 400 pages, because there're not much stories out there, that are able to fill this space in a meaningful way. Initially “The first adventure” is doing that well, but at the end, there's hardly no space for the main story.

That sounds strange, but in this release the best part, is the story that's around the main story, not the main story itself, because the main one is not really new and or threateningly, in parts it's actually absurd and not really Star Trek adequate (I'm talking about the behaviour of the Klingongs). The unknown ship is a poor imitation of the Fesarius from the episode “The Corbomite Maneuver” and somehow everything after the first 300 or 350 pages is just boring. You are just reading the book to the end, because you wanted to know who the story ends and because you hope, that there are still some details that may be important for the following stories in that book.

But this first part of that story is exactly what the trekkie hoped for. A answer on the questions, you always asked yourself: You'll find out how Kirk came to the Enterprise, which crew members were there before Kirk and where Sulu learned to fly a ship so well, that he allowed to control the best ship in the fleet. Of course there's a lot of Star Trek atmosphere in it, especially when McCoy is fireing up his sarcastic dictums.


It's not so easy to rate this story in it's whole entirety. I would say, that the main story isn't animating the reader to read the whole thing to the end. In marked contrast the B-story is really not bad and makes a lot of fun.

At the end I think I can't give more than 2 of 5 points.

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