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Sunday, 19. August 2007 - 19:00

“A place called here” by Cecilia Ahern

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Finally I found the time, to read the fourth novel of my favourite author. Because the last one falled short of my expectation, I had not too much this time. And I think that was a good decision…


Sandy Shortt is a strange kind of woman. A lot of people would say, she's crazy. But, she simply doesn't believe, that things are gone. The pair of socks, that she missed in her childhood, never appeared again, though she and her parents searched for that pair (and a lot other things) the whole day. But socks were not here only problem, it happened too often that something was lost and Sandy was crazy, had nothing other in her head as to find that thing again, because it must be somewhere here. So, her environment couldn't bear that.

It appears really ironical, that she decided later, to make it to her job, to find persons. And it even becomes stranger, when she is going to disappear one day…
…and finally finds a location and some things, that she was missing for such a long time.


Somehow it's not so easy to describe this book. It's the typical Ahern Story, that takes place in the nice Ireland and it's really nice to read. Sandy Shortt is a nice character and even if you never met someone like her, the author creates a realistic and understandable image of the main person.
It's nearly the same with the other figures in this story. Everyone has it's place does that doings that matches to him/her.

I really can't make any reproach to Cecilia Ahern. But why do I think that this book isn't so outreaching as “P.S.: I love you” or “Where Rainbows End”?

I think Ahern is on the horns of a certain dilemma: If she would do love novels all the time, she is going to be reduced on the correlative Image. That's why she is trying to do other stories, that are full of emotions, too, and in the last two novels she had a naive idea and asked Hey, why not? Why can't that be real, too?.
If I'm right, I can comprehend this step very well, no question. But unfortunately I miss her affecting love stories. These trips into the land of fantasy are quite good ideas and stimulate the child in us, but anyhow I want the sentimental love novels that makes you cry even more, than it was the case on that book and the previous one.

Therewith I again want to allude explicitly, that this book has touched my heart, too. Of course it's full of emotions, has a nice ending, but I miss a little bit the view through the “glasses of youth”, in which everything look great and exciting.
Maybe Cecilia Ahern lost this view in the last years, but maybe it was me? Who knows…


The book has the typical Ahern style: Everything that distinguishs her, is included in that novel. Merely the story is changing from volume to volume and this time I'm again not so impressed as I was on the first two novels.
Therefore I would say that “A place called here” is the third best work of Ahern and I hope that the next one will leave the realm of fantasy and that clear, sensitive, nice, young and sentimental love story will return. Final rating: 3.5 of 5 points.

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  1. Belgie (Website) wrote at 26/05/12 - 07:20:18
    I loved Ahern's previous 3 titles...the third one took some time to get into but I liked it. This novel had an interesting idea so I bought it but its taken me a long time to get into. And the book is a bit too far fetched for real life. Chick lit should be a little more realistic. The book wasnt awful but it wasnt great either. Hopefully her next novel will be a bit more realistic and easier to relate to!

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