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Archive - July 2006

Tuesday, 18. July 2006

Review: Holly McNarland - Live Stuff


The second album, I want to review here, is from Holly McNarland, a canadian Singer, that I heard first on the second Lilith Fair CD. Her Song “Elmo” has inherently thrilled me when I heared it the first time. Primarily I found her voice very interesting. I found it so interesting, that I bought one of her albums recently. Because I always want to have an overview for the introduction, so my decision was set to take the “Live Stuff”-Album.

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Technical progress is...


...when the power supplies are bigger then the devices:

Image of an USB Hub with a power supply in the same size

It's the second device with thes property that I had in my fingers in the last days.

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Sunday, 16. July 2006



Sorry, this text was written in german first. Some parts are a bit bumpy.

  1. Do you know the emotion of frustration,
    when it's already late?

    Do you know the emotion of worry,
    when you had no time for anything?

    Do you know the emotion of confusion,
    not to know what important and what unimportant is?

  2. Are you honest to yourself when you assert,
    you know who you are?

    Are you honest to yourself when you assert,
    that you had become a better human now?

    Are you honest to yourself when you assert,
    not to have lost your principles?

  3. Are you sometimes asking yourself the question,
    when you were hooked for something at last?

    Are you sometimes asking yourself the question,
    when you had bellyache because you laughed so much at last?

    Are you sometimes asking yourself the question,
    when you cried with all your heart at last?

    Do you still know, when you haved lived at last?

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Tuesday, 11. July 2006



Of course I claim on the 23 as my new internal phone number. (Smiley: Shush!)

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We seriously do waste separation


Picture with two refuse bins: 'Dead Wood' and 'Other Stuff (bad ideas not included)'

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Monday, 10. July 2006

The world doesn't need such books


Actually I'm in a clearance mood: Fileing data from the virtual storage area, making backups, doing an image of the system root partition, sorting my bookmarks into my Spurl-account... That is haunting me in the job, too. Because we change our rooms here and I'm taking the chance to separate some old books out. I was never using this books and I was not the one who bought them. The first pail is already prepared:
Pail with old computerbooks
I'm going on...

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Thursday, 06. July 2006

How the software industry works


I found the text called “How the software industry works” some months ago and I wanted to post it in my blog later. So, here it is.

Are you asking yourself why I wanted to post this piece of text? Because it's true! Of course it's humoristic, too. But it's a really good piece of satire.

Thanks to Al Lowe, the writer of text. Perhaps the “older readers” know him as the maker of the “Leisure Suit Larry”-series. He allowed me to translate the text in german. You can find the translated version here.

Please have a look at the other stuff of Als site. It's one of the better fun sites of the Web and it includes much geek content, too!

And remember: Geeks - All they ever think of is hex!

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Monday, 03. July 2006

Jewel - Goodbye Alice in Wonderland [Update]


As I mentioned once before, I was starting to listen to the newest Jewel album “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland” two weeks ago. Like I have done it in the book-review-category I want to write more or less short statements about all new albums I'm buying in the future.

This album is the first part of the soundtrack of this blog, if you believe in the quote of Dick Clark: Music is the soundtrack of our life. I was listening to the album very often in the last two weeks, so I want to review this album here as the first one.

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