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Archive - March 2007

Wednesday, 28. March 2007

Abolish war


Musicvideo 'Say it's possible' from Terri Naomi. In this video, people are holding up signs with maximum three words that answer the question “what would you do/want if anything were possible?”. My answer is the title of this post.


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Monday, 26. March 2007

“A Bend in the road” by Nicholas Sparks


Sparks goes murder mystery. Lovestory meets site of crime. – With words like these the fifth novell of Nicholas Sparks can be described. I've read the book and wrote my thoughts about it down.

Photo of the book

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Supermarket-Shopping for Geeks


Yes, this one will be funny for only about 5% of the readers here, myself included (a moment, that means, it is just me (Smiley: wink) ), but that's really great, made my day: (Smiley: grin)


[ via Spreeblick ]

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Friday, 23. March 2007

23: #6


The main station of nuremberg has exactly 23 tracks.

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23: #5


Can you tell me why to hag I'm googling for Gaston for the first time exactly 23 days after the official birthday of him?

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23: #4


My (german) book review of the “Illuminatus”-trilogy was also posted on a twentythird

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23: #3


The second entry of this category was posted on 1.24am: 24-1=23.

Hey, that's real fun! (Smiley: grin)

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23: #2


The category in which this post is released, was created on a friday the twenty third.

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23: #1


The first entry in this category was the twentythird entry in third month of the second year in which I'm blogging.

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An idea...


After I read the “Illuminatus”-Trilogy, I'm constantly crossing the 23 in my daily life, which I found pretty interesting. So in the last days, I was thinking about the quality of the idea of making a new category that expatiates the 23. I'm still not sure, if it's a good idea, but my goodness, this is a weblog, so just do it! (I should consider this sentence more often.)

Well, here it is.

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Gaston is 50 years old [Update]


Well, I reminisced about the good old days of childhood in which we had enough time to read comics. So I remembered one of my favourite comic “heros” I had, so I googeled for Gaston, and well: 23 days ago, there was Gastons 50th birthday. There's even a jubilee comic and on the 28th of february the parking was free in brussel and the incoming that came from anyhow payed parking meters, were donated to a childrenhospital. Nice thing.

Well, I notice that I may have adopted a lot of Gastons manner, because I'm often as clumsy/forgetful as he is...

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Wednesday, 21. March 2007

Gilmore Girls + Hackers = Pirates of the Caribbean?


From an email sent by Amazon:

We recommend: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Single-DVD)

Recommended, because you buyed or rated the following articles:
* Gilmore Girls - The complete fifth season (6 DVDs)
* Hackers

(Smiley: confused) Relation?

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Tuesday, 20. March 2007

Technicans are only humans, too


But to stand this, you have to be superhuman in dealing with problems. Poor guy, I feel with you...

[ via Slashdot ]

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Friday, 16. March 2007

Whereof you recognize a Systemadministrator?


Today: The freezing Sysadmin

You are a sysadmin, when you turn on your compiler, because the fring is working in 'idle mode' in your room.

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Thursday, 15. March 2007

That's what you get...


...when a design studio thinks, they should “invent” a complex technical device.

In the last months Art.Lebedev has again and again released some small notices about their OLED-Keyboard. The gadget lovers were full of hope and the first mention price of about 200-300 euro would have been okay. But it was foreseeable: The product is officially announced and the price of 1500 dollar will cause that it will disappear very fast.

It's not really a surprise, isn't it?

[ via Golem]

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Wednesday, 14. March 2007

Aren't we all a little bit DHSC?


I'm supposed to be a DHSC-Programmer, according to this test. That's not a new programming language, that's the test result. That means in clear text?

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Tuesday, 13. March 2007

Fon Router for free


The Fon router are now available for nothing, if you are advertised by another Fonera. I really always wanted to test this whole Fon-thing and I want to spread it, so perhaps there are some nice geeks out there, that want to advertise me?

[ via Golem ]

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Monday, 12. March 2007

When new zealands nurses are singing in space


Very special music is recommended to me often by very special people. And there are album, that are already touching me deepy when I listen to them the first time. Both points apply to the music of Lisa Chappel (Attention, Flash Alarm!), even when she has nothing to with the only known to me Miss Chapel. On her website there's every song of her only album as example, go and listen!

Well, I have to order this album after easter. *notice*

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Sunday, 11. March 2007

Spam guard phase 3


Well, I hacked in the third part of my spam protection experiment. The question is now a little bit different and at the moment it's every time the same question. I'm curious, how the results will be. In the last time it was quite extrem.

And, the correct answer is “milk” of course. (Smiley: smile)

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Best german progressive Rock/Metal: Atmosfear [Update]


There are albums, that thrill one some time. And there are albums, that one is listening to rarely, but they find the way into the playlist even after months or years. “Inside the Atmosphere” is one of these albums. And every time I take the time to really listen to this album, I'm totally swept of my feet.

I bought the CD in my “pre-blogging-era” so there was no review here yet. But I think the guys of Atmosfear need every kind of propaganda, so I recommend everyone who even rudimentary likes progressive rock or metal to go to their website and having a look to the listening examples. And please do not overlook the “Order CD”-button. (Smiley: smile)

Update: I forgot to mention, that Atmosfear is in the studio in spring to record their second album. I'm curios, how the result will be!

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Thursday, 08. March 2007

La Kinky Beat Concert in headwords


La Kinky Beat in Hirsch in Nuremberg, Germany, on Monday, the 05th March 2007:

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No idea for the world women day...


The world women day, would be great to come up something blogable. But there was no idea. Thus just a linking: Tanja fromSpreeblick made my evening with this post.

I pick up, that the 'linking to Spreeblick' is always bringing me into a respectful state. Some kind of angry...

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PSK Generator


I need it from time to time, and I'm searching for it everytime again: A good generator for PSKs.

But think about it every time: Those keys should only be transfered over unscore nets in distress situations. If you have no other choice, replace some of the characters with some other randomly choosen character!

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Friday, 02. March 2007

Star Trek 11 coming in december 2008


Paramount has officially made the starting shoot for Star Trek 11. Actually there's nothing really new in the announcement, except the release month was new to me. Of course there are some rumours out, how the roles will be set. The current state of the rumour mill is the following:

I'm thinking (hoping?), that the final list is completely different... (Smiley: smile)

[ via Slashdot ]

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