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Archive - December 2007

Monday, 31. December 2007

“Wing Commander — Freedom Flight” by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon


The Wing Commander series was one of the most popular and successful computer game series in the 90ies. And it was one of the less, that had even merchandising and other articles. There's was a novell series, too, and the first volume “Freedom Flight” is the topic of this review.

The book was written by two fitting authors: Mercedes Lacke has some experience in the fantasy- and SciFi-genre and Ellen Guon was a game designer once. So, there are good premises. Let's have a deeper look to the result.

Photo of the book

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Geek Kitchen: Electric Salt- and Peppermills with LED


Now I'm playing geeksugar and introduce the most geeky kitchen helpers I know, beside the german cookbook for geeks:

Photo with two salt-/peppersmills

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Friday, 28. December 2007

300 photos to dream and philosophize


I'm currently again in the deep fascination of photography and Spreeblick linked to a great website gallery, that really impressed me: Photographs Of Unknown Origin. The shown pictures are really inspiring and invite you to dream. There's also great (not stoppable) music, so check the site out for having a great evening with some strangers.

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Thursday, 13. December 2007

Quote of the day


Gentoo can only trigger explosions if you set -O6 or greater in your make options.
This is because the resulting binaries run so fast that the CPU melts too rapidly for any gas to escape, and then, BAM.

Found here, original there.

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Thursday, 06. December 2007

Star Trek - Of Gods and Men: Every year the same


They announced the release of the first part for December the 22th. I hope they can make it, I was waiting for nearly a year now, and I really like to see this remarkable Trek adventure.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I recommend to watch the trailer.

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#23: 12


I'm absolutely no fan of lotto. But the last (german) hype and the current winning numbers are quite interesting: 9, 10, 24, 28, 39, 42 and the 33 as additional number.
Everyone who's paranoid enough recognizes the 23 in it immediately.

And is anyone wondering that the 23 and the 42 are comming up together, again?

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Wednesday, 05. December 2007

“Dancing Barefoot” by Wil Wheaton


Wil Wheaton is a rather normal, crazy geek, who (sorry I have to mention it one time) had the honor to play a continuing role in Star Trek. Because of this job, his writing talents and his unique, nice way he made me have one of the best reading evenings since a long time, with his first book called “Dancing Barefoot”.

Photo of the book cover

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Monday, 03. December 2007

New Delta Goodrem Album


Great, I just missed another album release from one of my favourite artists.

Since the 19th of November you can get the third Album called “Delta”. Prelisting is available at the official Page (Attention, Flash Alarm!) and at last.fm.

Hm, to much new music is comming to me, musical overkill so to speak…

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Sunday, 02. December 2007

T-Online: DSL Username


Sorry, I have to use my weblog as personal notebook again:

The username of a T-Online DSL access has the following format: [LineID][T-Online Number]#[Usernumber]@t-online.de

Official help page (german)

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Saturday, 01. December 2007

Star Trek Rap


I'm Jean-Luc Picard, I'm chillin' in my yard
Underneath my chrome dome in the ship I call my home
Kickin' it with Data, my homeboy, my brotha
I wanna get freaky with Wesley Crusher's motha!

Yeah W., the music came automatically into my head, too. Give us more, man! (Smiley: smile)

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It began today


Not just chronological but also emotional the christmas time started today for me. So I spent the half of the day with baking some christmas cookies and after I dismissed my idea of writing an “Baking with Nerds”-article (There's also a germany cookbook for geeks I recognized some geeky shapes of some of my manufactures. Maybe you can guess what I saw in these pieces of dough?

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Recent acoustic enchantment

Clare Burson - Love Me In The Morning

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