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Friday, 20. June 2008

Yeah, Ice!


On mars!

And please no silly jokes about chocolate bars, okay?

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Tuesday, 01. April 2008

Attention, Windows Users: New dangerous virus found!


The F-Secure Team found a new highly dangerous trojan this morning: Win32.Pril.A. It's best to stay at home – offline…

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Sunday, 27. January 2008

Amazon offers MP3 files internationally soon


The title says it all: This year, Amazon will sell MP3 files not just in the US.

But, can someone tell me, why Amazon uses such a strange URL for their press releases?

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Finally a good encryptionsoftware for Mac OS X?


Brave betatesters, please step up, there is a (more or less) official fork of Truecrypt for Mac OS X.

[ via jot.be daily ]

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Saturday, 19. January 2008

The uncomfortable truth


The Perils of PC Posture. Regards to all of use – to Mac users, too.

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Monday, 31. December 2007

Geek Kitchen: Electric Salt- and Peppermills with LED


Now I'm playing geeksugar and introduce the most geeky kitchen helpers I know, beside the german cookbook for geeks:

Photo with two salt-/peppersmills

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Thursday, 06. December 2007

Star Trek - Of Gods and Men: Every year the same


They announced the release of the first part for December the 22th. I hope they can make it, I was waiting for nearly a year now, and I really like to see this remarkable Trek adventure.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I recommend to watch the trailer.

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Tuesday, 17. April 2007

Alarm Clock for Geeks


Problems waking up? Not with Clocky anymore.

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Friday, 23. March 2007

Gaston is 50 years old [Update]


Well, I reminisced about the good old days of childhood in which we had enough time to read comics. So I remembered one of my favourite comic “heros” I had, so I googeled for Gaston, and well: 23 days ago, there was Gastons 50th birthday. There's even a jubilee comic and on the 28th of february the parking was free in brussel and the incoming that came from anyhow payed parking meters, were donated to a childrenhospital. Nice thing.

Well, I notice that I may have adopted a lot of Gastons manner, because I'm often as clumsy/forgetful as he is...

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Tuesday, 20. March 2007

Technicans are only humans, too


But to stand this, you have to be superhuman in dealing with problems. Poor guy, I feel with you...

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Thursday, 15. March 2007

That's what you get...


...when a design studio thinks, they should “invent” a complex technical device.

In the last months Art.Lebedev has again and again released some small notices about their OLED-Keyboard. The gadget lovers were full of hope and the first mention price of about 200-300 euro would have been okay. But it was foreseeable: The product is officially announced and the price of 1500 dollar will cause that it will disappear very fast.

It's not really a surprise, isn't it?

[ via Golem]

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Tuesday, 13. March 2007

Fon Router for free


The Fon router are now available for nothing, if you are advertised by another Fonera. I really always wanted to test this whole Fon-thing and I want to spread it, so perhaps there are some nice geeks out there, that want to advertise me?

[ via Golem ]

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Friday, 02. March 2007

Star Trek 11 coming in december 2008


Paramount has officially made the starting shoot for Star Trek 11. Actually there's nothing really new in the announcement, except the release month was new to me. Of course there are some rumours out, how the roles will be set. The current state of the rumour mill is the following:

I'm thinking (hoping?), that the final list is completely different... (Smiley: smile)

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Friday, 30. June 2006

"Final Beta"...


...normally Golem is one of the best german IT news sites. But in the last time they have, let's call them “bizzare” headlines. Okay, lurid headlines have been quite normal, even in professional media. But: “Final Beta?” That's like cow and stepdance. Or like flash and meaningful. Or like floppies and undestroyable. IMO the term RC would be appropriate.

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Wednesday, 28. June 2006

"The Inquirer" now available in german...


...for geeks it's like the bild (=german boulevard paper) would be released in $prefered_programminglanguage.

[via Planet3DNow!]

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