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Wednesday, 30. August 2006 - 23:28

Review: Wolfgang Schmid - Special Kick

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutsch verfügbar (empfohlen).

Because I was pretty enthused about the “Special Kick” concert in June (Concertreview), I had to get the CD for myself, so I could listen to it closer.

I expected similar cool moments, as they happened in the concert. But first there was the absolute opposite. The album is clearly more“ jazzy” as I remembered the concert, in which more rock was played. There also all five musicians on the album, insted of the four I've seen in Munich (Joo Kraus is raping and he plays trumpet and flugelhorn too). Normally I'm critical about everything that is raped and usually my position doesn't change. It's the same in this case: I think the rap parts were not the best idea, but they mix it up a bit.

The songs are fortunately very instrumental-driven and you can find a good and balanced mix between funky Jazz to Jazzrock and slower songs, that have their challenges, too. November Eleven is a good example for such a song. In that song their is nothing really surprising over the complete runtime, it's a non-stop blowersolo played over a challenging bassline and songschema in the measure sequence 3/4, 3/4, 3/4 2/4. Marco Minnemann is unfortunately back off on the whole album, while Peter Wölpl (Guitar) is doing the ambience in the background. Secretly I believe, that Peter Wölpl wasn't sure, if he wants to become a guitar or a keyboard player, that's why he is playing a style and sound that makes you asking yourself where the hack the guys have hidden the synthesizer. Very cool and interesting in my opinon!

Even though it is a very experimental jazz here, the album is not very fiddly. I like it fiddly, only the blowersolo at the end of A funky sombrero (in my ears it's the badest song on the album) is near by my limit. Ringading Dang is a good song, but not the best choice for an opener. These are the only big negatives I've noticed.
All song are a steady high level and they fit together very well. But there are thereby no real highlights. Only the drum solo of Marco Minnemann at the end of Oops Cha Cha and the nice main melody in the final song Maroni Moreno are an extra mention worth.

It's not easy for me to give the whole album a closing rating. At first I was really disappointed about the act, becaus I compared the music with the experienced show that was better (of course, it's jazz!). But in the last time the 10 songs find their way in my playlist very often, so my opinion is not so bad anymore.
My decision is a 3 of 5 points-rating, at which I was long unbalanced between a 3 and 3.5.

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